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The KDE websites are using a vast varieties of web technology, from CMS to static site generator.

Setting up Jekyll based websites

Setting up Hugo based websites

Setting up Capacity based websites

Submit a patch

Once you're happy with your patch and have verified that it does what you want, it's time to generate a diff. A diff is a textual representation of the differences between original versions of the files you changed, and the new ones you've produced. You can generate a diff by entering the source repository and running git diff, but we recommend using the arc tool, which will generate a diff and submit it for review very quickly and easily! You can learn how to set it up here.

Often you will need to use

arc diff --conduit-uri=

instead of

arc diff

KDE uses Phabricator for patch submission and review. Learn more about how to submit a patch with Phabricator.

Communicate with the team

There are several ways to get in touch with KDE web developers, either generally or for a specific project. The most important communications channels are:

  • The #kde-www channel on Matrix or the freenode IRC, which is where KDE developers chat in real time about their work.
  • The kde-www mailing list is the primary development mailing list. Learn more about mailing lists.

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