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KDE Frameworks Epics Dashboard

This section main intent is to track the KDE Frameworks transversal on going efforts (Epics ;-) ). They are grouped by overall goal. No more than three goals should be actively pursued at a time.

Battle for quality

Status Description Coordination
IN PROGRESS Frameworks/Epics/Continuous_Integration Scarlett Clark
TODO Frameworks/Epics/Automated_ABI_Validation  ??

Absorbing PIM

Status Description Coordination
TODO Frameworks/Epics/Contributions_to_Qt5_for_KF5.1  ??
IN PROGRESS Frameworks/Epics/Splitting_kdepimlibs Frameworks/Epics/kdepimlibs  ??

Developer story

Status Description Coordination
TODO Frameworks/Epics/inqlude_in_production Cornelius Schumacher
TODO Frameworks/Epics/KDevelop_based_SDK Aleix Pol
TODO Frameworks/Epics/QtCreator_based_SDK  ??
TODO Frameworks/Epics/Reorganize_Techbase  ??
IN PROGRESS Frameworks/Epics/Apidox_refresh Alex Merry

Road to KF 5.0

The release schedule is available at the here on community.

Status Description Coordination
DONE Frameworks/Epics/Contributions_to_Qt5 David Faure
DONE Frameworks/Epics/KDEUI_Crumble Kevin Ottens
DONE Frameworks/Epics/Splitting_kdelibs Kevin Ottens
DONE Frameworks/Epics/CMake (remains don't apply anymore, even untracked) Alexander Neundorf
DONE Frameworks/Epics/KF5.0_Initial_Communication Kevin Ottens
DONE Frameworks/Epics/kdelibs_cleanups David Faure
DONE Frameworks/Epics/Reduce_class_duplication Stephen Kelly
DONE Frameworks/Epics/Modularization Aurélien Gâteau
DONE Frameworks/Epics/KTextEditor Cullmann, Haumann
DONE Frameworks/Epics/New_Runtime_Organization Aaron Seigo
DONE Frameworks/Epics/KF5.0_Release_Preparation Kevin Ottens


Important: As part of the process of refining any of the epics in this list, it is advised to check the Platform 11 notes for useful content.

Status Description Coordination
TODO Frameworks/Epics/KDE_at_Home  ??
TODO Frameworks/Epics/Shared_Service_Framework  ??
TODO Frameworks/Epics/StandardPathsMigration  ??

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