Frameworks/Epics/KF5.0 Initial Communication

Communication around the KDE Frameworks 5.0 effort

To sustain and organize the development effort, some task gearing toward communication and organization of the documentation are needed. They will be listed here.

Status Description Contact
DONE Update the class by class spreadsheet to make it less confusing to newcomers. This spreadsheet is not needed anymore. Kevin Ottens / Albert Astals Cid
DONE Add for the items in the backlog in the kdelibs splitting epic where they exist right now in kdelibs to help newcomers wanting to help Kevin Ottens
DONE Organize volunteer days. A couple of editions were done, on hold for now. Aaron Seigo, Kevin Ottens
DONE Set goals and timelines within the current epics David Faure, Alexander Neundorf, Kevin Ottens
DONE Clarify the vocabulary used: Epics, Tiers, Types, etc. Kevin Ottens

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