Frameworks/Epics/Apidox refresh

On framework themselves

Status Task Contact
IN PROGRESS Migrate Mainpage.dox to (see also: Necessary files) Alex Merry
DONE Standardize documentation dir ("dox" vs "docs", image dir) Alex Merry

On kapidox tools

Must Have

Status Task Contact
DONE Deploy new scripts on Alex Merry
DONE Decide where to host documentation policy.

Agreed on this plan:

  • Existing /Policies/Library_Documentation_Policy renamed to /Policies/KDE4_Library_Documentation_Policy
  • Creation of a /Policies/Frameworks_Documentation_Policy
  • /Policies/Library_Documentation_Policy points to both pages

Aurélien Gâteau
DONE Execute said plan Aurélien Gâteau
DONE Document framework.yaml and files Aurélien Gâteau

Nice to Have

Status Task Contact
DONE Integrate generation of dependency diagrams in kgenframeworksapidox Aurélien Gâteau
TO DO Define a way to list undocumented elements ?? <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Look into the search system, evaluate a client-side only system. Rationale: more uniform, easier to test. ?? <{{{3}}}>

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