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Promo/Plasma 5.18 Video Competition

Submit your videos to forums we created for the competition: KDE Plasma category and KDE Applications category. We also have a wallpaper competition going on.

Read everything on this page very carefully before entering your submission.


  1. There are two categories: Plasma and Applications.
  2. The deadline for submissions is midnight (UTC) on January 15th 2020. The winners will be selected on January 22nd 2020.
  3. Your video must be original and created specifically for the contest
  4. Your video can be any kind of video showing Plasma or Applications
  5. Your video must be released to KDE under a copyleft license (CC By, CC By-SA), or released into the public domain or equivalent (CC0)
  6. Even if your work does not win, your submission may still be used to promote KDE's software
  7. You can submit up to 3 entries for each category
  8. Videos files must be in MP4, WEBM or OGV format, and accompanied by the source files and resources (music, clips, etc.) in a non-proprietary format (kdenlive, blend, etc.) and under a FLOSS license.
  9. Videos can be hosted by any third-party service such as PeerTube, YouTube, Vimeo or directly downloadable from a storage (FTP or similar) or cloud service.
  10. Resources must be made available for download from a storage (FTP or similar) or cloud service.
  11. The minimum size for your submission must be 1080p (1920x1080) and should be between 1 and 2 minutes long.
  12. The organizers will disqualify and erase any entry that is racist, sexist, demeaning or inappropriate in any way.
  13. The organizers will disqualify and erase any entry that is copied from elsewhere with no or minimum changes or violates third parties' copyrights.
  14. Disqualifications and deletions are final and cannot be recurred.


A jury made up of members of KDE's Promo group and Kdenlive community members will judge the videos. At the end of the submission phase, three finalists per category will be selected for the second round and they will all receive the standard prize offered by TUXEDO.

The second round will last one week, during which the judges might ask to tweak some aspects of the videos to make them more suitable for Plasma. At the end of that week, the winning videos will be selected.

The two winning videos should belong to two different people. There will be only one winning video per category, but even if your work is not picked, your submission may still be used by KDE. The decision of the jury is final.

Prizes by TUXEDO Computers

The prizes are sponsored by our good friends at TUXEDO Computers. Both machines will ship with a Linux distribution with KDE software pre-installed.

Best Plasma Video: TUXEDO Gaming PC

This PC features a powerful Intel core i7, 16GB of RAM, 250GB NVMe SSD, 2TB HDD and an Nvidia GTX1050Ti video card.


Best Applications Video: TUXEDO InfinityBox

This PC features an Intel core i3, 16GB of RAM and 250GB of SSD. Thanks to its solid aluminium housing and the compact dimensions of approx. 20x22cm, it looks very elegant, fits anywhere standing or lying down and is also extremely robust. This means that it fits perfectly in every office, but also in the living room. You can check out the TUXEDO Infinity Box here.


Finalists: Goodies

TUXEDO is also offering an additional prize for the finalists. The packages may vary, but they will all include:

  1. A KDE baseball cap
  2. A plush Tux
  3. KDE stickers
  4. A frozen glass coffee mug
Tuxedo computers.png

Help and Feedback

You can ask the Promo team for help and feedback any time during the competition! Just join the Promo Video channel on Matrix.

Also check out the discussion in the [competition's subforum] to get tips and feedback.

Previous Videos for Inspiration

Previous videos, made by the the promo team, can be found on KDE's PeerTube channel. This is just meant to inspire you in the creative process, but following the same style is not mandatory.

Here some of the most popular videos we have put out recently:


{{#ev:youtube|MHzdcsoDHFc|"19.04 Kdenlive"|center}} {{#ev:youtube|uR_dI9VTTvM|"19.04 Okular"|center}}


{{#ev:youtube|T-29hJUxoFQ|"Plasma 5.16"|center}} {{#ev:youtube|vzfZgVywscw|"Plasma 5.17"|center}} {{#ev:youtube|1keUASEvIvE|"Applications 19.04"|center}} {{#ev:youtube|1Zw5m6pd66s|"Applications 19.08"|center}}

Current Entries

Start here!

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