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Promo/People/social media

Below you will find a list of KDE related "official" social media outlets and some details about what types of information we relay over them.

Check the guidelines for posting and Lydia's Social Media Guide (PDF) for general advice and a list of useful services.

Global coordination

Contact the promo team on KDE promo channel



Mastodon / GNU Social (formerly StatusNet)



  • KDE
    • We can post news to the wall manually as 'KDE'
    • Maintained by KDE promo
  • Marble
    • Wall is from 2011
    • Created by Torsten Rahn
    • Various Marble developers have access
  • Marble
    • Wall is from 2014
    • Who has access?
  • Konversation
    • Wall is updated for every new release and occasionally other news
    • Created by Eike Hein
    • Eike Hein and Peter Simonsson have admin access

Sysadmin account (set this as admin on your Facebook Pages for recovery in case of inactivity):


  • KDE User group

Sysadmin account (connect to this account and set as admin on your LinkedIn Pages in case of inactivity)

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