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KDE Workspaces

The samples listed below can be applied to each of the KDE workspaces. The KDE workspaces include the following:

  • Plasma Desktop
  • Plasma Netbook
  • Plasma Mediacenter

Marketing Samples

Distribution Website Sample

<Distro name> X.x includes the KDE Plasma Desktop 4.4. This workspace includes many new features such as remote plasmoids, the ability to drag and drop content to your desktop, performance improvements, and other assorted eye candy/cool features. <Distro name> also includes many other applications produced by the KDE Community. These include Amarok 2.x, digikam 1.x, the KOffice 2.x, etc.

Live Presentation Sample

In our latest release, we are shipping KDE Plasma Desktop 4.4 and GNOME 2.28. Many new features such as remote plasmoids and a new widget explorer have been added to Plasma Desktop 4.4. The KDE Community has also improved the performance and stability of the latest Plasma Desktop.

We have chosen to include many additional KDE applications along with Plasma Desktop. Once again, the KDE Community has been hard at work polishing existing programs as well as introducing new ones. We have include the latest versions of Amarok, KOffice, digikam, Kontact, and K3b. For our latest release, we have also decided to include many new games that have been added to the KDE Game Suite. New games that have been added include Palapeli and KMahjongg.

Distribution Launch Summaries

<Distro name> comes with either GNOME 3.0 or Plasma Desktop 4.4 and many applications like the GIMP 2.10, Amarok 2.3.3, F-Spot, Digikam and many more.

<Distro name> ships the latest GNOME and KDE applications like Plasma Desktop 4.4, GIMP 2.10.

<Distor name> is a cutting edge distribution with a choice between GNOME, Plasma Desktop or Plasma Netbook on separate live CD's. We ship the latest version - the KDE workspaces and applications are at 4.4.2, GNOME is at 3.0.1.

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