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KDE Workspaces

The samples listed below can be applied to each of the KDE workspaces. The KDE workspaces include the following:

  • KDE Plasma Desktop
  • KDE Plasma Netbook
  • KDE Plasma Mediacenter

Marketing Samples

Distribution Launch Summaries

<Distro name> comes with either KDE Plasma Desktop 4.4 or GNOME 3.0 and many applications like the Amarok 2.3.3, GIMP 2.10, F-Spot, Digikam and many more.

<Distro name> ships the latest GNOME and KDE applications like KDE Plasma Desktop 4.4, GIMP 2.10.

<Distro name> is a cutting edge distribution with a choice between KDE Plasma Desktop, KDE Plasma Netbook, or GNOME on separate live CD's. We ship the latest version - the KDE workspaces and applications are at 4.4.2, GNOME is at 3.0.1.

Installation Text

Selection Wording

  • KDE Plasma Desktop X.x
  • KDE Plasma Netbook X.x
  • KDE Plasma Mediacenter X.x

Selection Description Wording

The KDE Plasma Desktop offers a fully scalable, flexible interface. It provides a large variety of widgets with a consistent look and feel, integration of on-line content and social media right on your desktop, the ability to run widgets remotely or share them with others and to drag and drop a variety of content to your desktop. The KDE Plasma Desktop is bundled with a selection of powerful applications from the KDE Community like music player Amarok 2.4, foto management application Digikam 1.3, the KDE office suite KOffice 2.3 and many more.

Distribution Website Sample

<Distro name> includes KDE Plasma Desktop 4.4. This workspace includes many new features such as remote widgets, the ability to drag and drop content to your desktop, performance improvements, and other assorted eye candy/cool features. <Distro name> also includes many other applications produced by KDE. These include Amarok 2.x, digikam 1.x, the KOffice 2.x, etc.

Live Presentation Sample

In our latest release, we are shipping KDE Plasma Desktop 4.4 and GNOME 2.28.

About KDE Plasma 4.4

The KDE workspaces like the Plasma Netbook and Plasma Desktop interface bring many innovative features together in an smooth and intuitive interface. Plasma widgets can be shared over a network between devices like phones running Plasma Mobile, small devices with Plasma Netbook, full Plasma Desktops and Plasma MediaCenter devices. KDE Plasma allows you to organize your work according to activities, where the desktop itself and applications with it adapt to the tasks you are working on. Plasma also ties strongly into the web and integrates online services in your desktop.

About the applications

<Distro name> ships many other applications developed by the KDE commmunity. Those include the popular KDE music player Amarok, the versatile office suite KOffice, the powerful photo manager Digikam, the painting and sketching application Krita, a large variety of games and educational applications and many more.

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