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KDE at FOSDEM 2014

FOSDEM 2013, 1-2 Febuary, ULB Campus Solbosch, Brussels, Belgium

  • KDE will be part of the Desktops DevRoom on Saturday only (schedule), devroom organised by Pau Garcia i Quiles
  • KDE will have a stall in building K, Level 1


Please add yourself and your details if you are coming

Name Available to help on the stall? Saturday meal? Accommodation? Phone number
Pau Garcia i Quiles Sunday Yes Ibis Sainte Catherine +34660149580
John Layt Both days "I'd like to attend at least 1 talk for a change" Yes Max Hotel +44-78-1285-2010
Boud + Irina Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning (bit unsure, sorry) No Hotel Galia +31 620 839 63
Kevin Krammer Saturday and Sunday Yes NH City Centre
Jonathan Riddell Saturday and Sunday but giving talk Saturday 13:30 Yes Ibis +447941 938 912
Rohan Garg Yes ( Need to work out schedule ) Yes Ibis +34625112103
Albert Astals Cid Yes Ibis Sainte Catherine
Aleix Pol Gonzalez Yes Ibis Sainte Catherine
Àlex Fiestas Yes Ibis Sainte Catherine
Albert Vaca Cintora Yes Ibis Sainte Catherine
Marta Rybczynska Yes
Lydia Pintscher I'll be around every now and then but also need to be at the Wikimedia booth and in the devrooms and give 2 talks Probably not Astrid Central
Daniel Vrátil Yes Yes +420732326870
David Edmundson Yes Yes
Vishesh Handa Yes Yes IBIS
Víctor Blázquez Yes Ibis Sainte Catherine
Claudia Rauch Yes Yes not sure yet +49 178 522 3086
José Millán Soto Yes Ibis Sainte Catherine
Kenny D Yes Meininger
Ingo Klöcker Yes Yes
Joris Steyn No
Antonio Larrosa Maybe, I still have to check the schedule Yes Exe Sablon
Mirko Boehm No Yes +49 163 635 4826
Martin Holec Yes Radisson Blu EU
Simon Edwards Yes Ibis Sainte Catherine
Andreas Cord-Landwehr No Hotel Du Congres
Miquel Canes Gonzalez Yes Adagio Brussels Centre Monnaie
Matthias Klumpp Maybe Centre Vincent Van Gogh (CHAB)


Cross Desktop Room with Gnome, Enlightenment, LXQt and Unity on Saturday only. Accepted talks are in the schedule.


We will have a two-table stall in building K first floor

What? Who? Status
Name badges Jonathan Riddell ordered
Work out what to demo XXX XXX
Table cloths - 2 x large blue Claudia
Flag Claudia
Swag (T-shirts, etc) Claudia
Amigurumi Konquis José Millán
Posters Jonathan Riddell JR got a poster stand
Manifesto Business Cards (was John Layt in 2013)
Join The Game forms Claudia (Jonathan has some, was Lydia in 2013)
FLA forms Lydia Lydia will bring some
Krita DVDs & Books (was Boud in 2013 -- we sold out in 2013! And the new dvd's aren't ready yet)
Duct Tape or similar To stick up stuff on glass where masking/parcel tape is not strong enough


Got equipment for the stall? Add here

What? Who? Status
21" wide Touchscreen monitor John Layt Bringing from UK, possibly use as large Plasma Active demo
17" standard monitor John Layt Able to bring from UK if needed
HTPC x 2 John Layt Bringing from UK
Nexus 7 with Plasma Active John Layt Bringing from UK if needed
MacBook with KDE MacPorts John Layt Bringing from UK
Windows computer jriddell ooh KDE on Windows
Improv jriddell if it arrives in time
KF 5 and Plasma 2 demos jriddell and shadeslayer needs neon 5 image


Got any posters? bring them!

What? Who? Status
KDE jriddell poster stand arrived
Kubuntu jriddell poster stand arrived
KDE España

Friday Drinks

FOSDEM will hold the usual beer event at Delirium again on the Friday evening from 18:00. See you there, please try to wear something KDE to raise our visibility.

Saturday Meal

Jonathan has booked a pizza buffet at Mamma Roma (Dansaert 17 rue du Pont de la Carpe) on Saturday evening for 24 people from 20:30. Don't be late.

Post Event Review from 2013, to be considered for 2014

  • New venue from 2012 now allows posters to be stuck on glass walls
  • No ethernet in new venue, make sure all hardware has working wifi
  • Tablets popular as flashy "attract-mode" gadgets, but ExoPC's became unstable from prolonged use.
  • Flag made a good impact, was hung from string cellotaped to glass walls (masking tape too weak)
  • Mostly worked that people pitched in when about, but would have been nice to have a list of attendees who were able to be more coordinated. Asking people to commit to a whole days booth duty is too much, asking for just 1 hour may get a better response.
  • Use G+ Events to try invite and co-ordinate people
  • More announcements 2-4 weeks before via the Dot and social media and to call for volunteers
  • Perhaps enable use of @kdecommunity twitter and G+ account by someone in attendance to post messages during event
  • Swag sold out too quickly and new products popular, discuss with Claudia around numbers and variety as to what is feasible. Needs someone coming by car or local to Brussels if we want more swag, otherwise too hard for one person.
  • Make sure have FLA and JTG forms
  • Any printing needs lead time of 2-4 weeks to keep costs down, so needs to be decided at least a month out. Any planning must start in November/December
  • Was good to have Qt booth next door, lots of mutual traffic and help
  • 2014 will be a good chance to have KDE Frameworks 5 as the focus, push their cross-desktop nature, maybe feature a couple of key apps. One suggestion is a live-drawing demo with Krita, maybe sell digital caricatures?