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|Amanda Castro
|Amanda Castro
|Saturday and Sunday.
|Saturday and Sunday.
|Lydia Pintscher
|not sure yet

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KDE at FOSDEM 2013

FOSDEM 2013, 2-3 Febuary, ULB Campus Solbosch, Brussels, Belgium

  • KDE will be part of the cross desktop devroom on Saturday and Sunday, talks needed, Pau Garcia i Quiles organising, see below
  • KDE will (probably) have a stall (REQUESTED BUT NOT YET CONFIRMED)


Cross Desktop Room with Enlightenment, Gnome, Razor, Unity and XFCE.

Talks Needed

Call for Participation


  • Plasma Active - Aaron Seigo (will probably be in the Mobile DevRoom)
  • KDE Framework/Workspaces/Software 5 and Qt 5 - Kevin Krammer

Possible topics

Topics looking for presenters. The DevRoom is friendly; the audience wants to hear about what KDE is doing. Presenters don't have to be experts.

  • KDE Workspaces and Wayland
  • QtQuick/QML-based Plasma and desktop software
  • Presentation of Activities and how to add support to apps
  • Quickly recreate all other desktops with KDE Plasma
  • Semantic technologies in KDE software
  • KDE color management
  • Speech recognition with Simon
  • How KDE desktop connects to mobile world
  • A lot of interesting stuff in KDevelop, Calligra, KDE Education

Please add others. What's going on with KDE that you are interested in hearing more about?


Saturday, February 2, ¿11.00 - 19.00?

Room Hosts - Pau Garcia i Quiles, Christophe Fergeau, someone else?

Sunday, February 3, ¿9.00 - 17.00?

Room Host - Pau Garcia i Quiles, Christophe Fergeau, someone else?

The schedule will be available in early January 2013.

At FOSDEM 2012 there were some Qt and KDE-related talks at the Open Mobile Linux DevRoom. For FOSDEM 2013, not yet known.


Please add your name if you can help on the stall over the weekend

Helper Name When available
Pau Garcia i Quiles (occasionally) Saturday and Sunday
John Layt Hope to make Saturday and Sunday this year. May be able to bring a 21" touch-screen monitor, Nettop PC, Active tablet, MacBook, Windows in a VM.
Camila Ayres Saturday and Sunday.
Amanda Castro Saturday and Sunday.
Lydia Pintscher not sure yet

Stall To Do

What? Who? Status
Name badges XXX XXX
Work out what to demo XXX XXX
Table cloths XXX XXX
Posters XXX XXX


What? Who? Status
monitor XXX XXX
computer XXX XXX
computer for KDE Windows XXX XXX
Spark tablet XXX XXX


What? Who? Status
KDE ? ?
Plasma Active ? ?
Calligra ? ?
Project Neon ? ?

Stall Demos

What? Who? Status
Project Neon/Calligra/Owncloud? XXX XXX
Plasma Active XXX XXX
Bodega appstore XXX XXX

People and Accommodation

Let us know you're coming. We will book accommodation for KDE people who request it here. You may also find a hotel on your ow via booking sites such as hotels.com and laterooms.com.

Add yourself before End of 2012!

Name Flight No/train time Please book me accommodation
Pau Garcia i Quiles XXX No

Friday Drinks

FOSDEM will hold the usual beer event at Delirium again on the Friday evening. See you there, please try to wear something KDE to raise our visibility (also: a badge with your name will make identification easier!)

Saturday Night

Any plan?

Sunday Night

Any plan?

Post Event Review from 2011, to be considered for 2012

Awesome event, thanks all for helping. Add any thoughts so we can improve for next year:

  • Stall had no large KDE sign, get a poster stand or cloth flag (hall of flags did good ones for Akademy 2007) with KDE logo for next year
  • Better table cloths / KDE signs to go on front of tables.
  • Saturday night was good but should plan ahead with printed directions. Schedule/book for 8pm, 7:30pm was unachievable.
  • larger screens for demo machines would be cool (like openSUSE had), needs better transport. Perhaps hire locally or arrange for openSUSE to transport on their bus with their large ones??
  • No way to sign up to Join the Game on the day, we should have forms and accept cash for this.
  • print off crossdesktop dev room timetable to put on 2nd room door and stall (also any other KDE talks elsewhere)
  • KDE stickers good but libreoffice looked very smart in jumpers, matching KDE jumpers would be awesome. The bright blue t-shirts work well, just need to be different to any on sale.
  • Some kind of attract-mode animation / slideshow / deskcast to play on large screen(s) when not in use
  • I have access to a digital projector (aka beamer), Mozilla were using one but I'm not sure how useful it was given the limited space.
  • New t-shirt designs
  • Wider variety of swag to give away or sell?
  • Contact more distros in advance for KDE CD's to hand out, Fedora were keen as were Pardus, perhaps also Mageia and one of the *BSD's?
  • KDE on Windows was very popular, perhaps talk to the Windows team about an installer CD to give away? I have been trying to find a sponsor but neither Microsoft USA nor Microsoft Spain are interested -- Pau
  • Formal dressing (suits) at the stall? Postgres and others do that and it makes the project look more professional. Maybe a mixture of informal dressing and suits to make sure every visitor will feel comfortable?

Post Event Review from 2012, to be considered for 2013

  • Awesome event, lovely KDE people, good stall, good devroom
  • Needs overall coordinator, 2011 had Jonathan for stall but lacked energy and Pau for devroom who did a nice job
  • stall needed good posters, well thought about marketing points
  • we need a driver to carry equipment and people to and around brussels
  • swap telephone numbers before so we can stay in contact

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