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Overall goals

* stability
* performance


* We want to support  comic book artist fully
* We want to make it possible for the blender team to use Krita in their next project 

For the comic-book artist we need:

* out-of-gamut preview in the image and in the color selector
* lock layer transparency (boud)
* improved memory usage and performance
* eps and psd support
* improved palette-based color selector interface

For blender we need:

* improved palette-based interface (see above)
* 10000x4000 multi-layered images with good performance
* big brushes (100-250 pixel radius) with good performance
* extensive compatibility with openexr


I have gone through our bug backlog and assigned most bugs to the most likely person to fix the issues :-). [| Please take a look at it].



  • lock layer transparency (gui done, need to integrate icon, work out a way to preserve transparency in KisPainter, loading and saving or the property)
  • Fix bugs as they arrive. My goal is to be be under 20 known bugs for 2.2
  • fix serialization of the paintops, so stroke recording can work again. This might entail some refactoring, and ies in with Sven's preset work. Maybe something for the sprint?
  • finish my mypaint brush-compatible brush engine.
  • psd, gif support
  • gui polish


  • finish the CTL colorspace, that include optimizations, and full support for operations
  • finish merging of dynamic brush concepts into normal brush, that include the coloring options and angles, would probably an opportunity to look at some of the issues
  • keep polishing Shiva support, and GHNS integration
  • unit testing of pigment's operations (especially the one that are a bit broken, like convolution)

File support:

  • I want EXR to be a top class citizen in Krita, support for 16bit and 32bit, full CM (and probably layers if someone from blender is willing to answer a few questions and provide a test file)
  • since we are getting rid of GraphicsMagick, it's probably a good idea to work on replacing some of the filter as well, from those, my priorities would be ppm and jpeg2000

Color choosers:

  • I want to ditch that beep dialog :) We need a great color dialog
  • I have been thinking about a "digital color mixer" for a while, you will know more soon, since I think that the first thing I want to do after my PhD work is done ! I need fun !


Paintops (some are thesis related):

  • implement new paintops: experimental, softbrush, particle brush
  • unify my paintops GUI, work with Cyrille and use sensors and share color dialog
  • brush outline should be QPainterPath , remove KoViewConvertor from paintops this way
  • help to port paintops for presets saving/loading

For Krita 2.3

  • 3D brush needs shadows
  • finally look at the Emanuelle's work of Kubelka-Munk color composition
  • GLSL, OpenGL optimizations
  • all we came up during brainstorm with our community and David Revoy (UI fixes, speed-ups where can I do something) [see Action plan for details]


  • finish paintop presets (might interfere with the work from Boud or Lukas, so that needs more discussion)
  • adding shape layer implementation to the various visitors
  • get toolbox to work correctly with different layers
  • create flake shapes with Krita shape tools


  • finish layer merging refactoring, add synchronization between image and ui
  • add some parallelization to the merger
  • fix extent() bug in tiles3
  • add swapper to tiles3
  • (?) clone parallelization from merger to KisPrescaledProjection


  • Port Perspective Transformation tool
  • Improve convolution

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