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Wish list

  • Titler
    • Keep a simple text incrustation tool, but call a full featured SVG editor for complex designs
      • Base it on WebVFX (allowing to use HTML, javascript or QML) to avoid maintaing our own MLT module? Here is a small demo of what it can achieve
    • Support for subtitles (or MLT module)?
  • Timeline
    • Automatic composite for clips with alpha
    • Cross fades on same track (à la Shotcut)
    • Quick switch individual/global proxy/thumbnails
    • Synchronized tracks (ripple delete / spacer tool etc would keep track groups in sync)
    • Copy/paste across projects
  • Exports
    • Kdenlive 0.x format
    • OpenShot, FlowBlade, PiTiVi...
    • EDL and other exchange formats (MLT module?)
  • Effects
    • UI for keyframes relative to end or in %
    • Apply GEGL/G'MIC/Blender effects (MLT module)?
  • UI
    • Shortcut matching other editors (Avid, Apple, Adobe, Sony, Pinnacle etc) => Get Hot New Stuff sharing
    • Scopes as MLT modules?
  • Alternative timeline view specialised on editing transitions (snapshot, just for demonstration; click for full size and see the SVG in the refactoring branch for infinite size):

Kdenlive Timeline TransitionView.png


  • Workflow
    • What are the git branches used for
  • Code documentation
    • give big-picture views (explain to someone new to the code what it does, why it is required, and who it interacts with)


  • Break big classes into smaller ones (targetting the refactored architecture: Cutsomtrackview, Renderer...)
  • Replace XML manipulations with MLT API calls
  • Port UI to QML

The proposed architecture can be found in the refactoring branch in refactoring-doc/ – find some snapshots here (not updated, just to get an impression):



See discussion here


  • Port Kdenlive to KF5 (KDE Framework 5)
  • Write an OpenGL display. When this is done, Movit can be integrated.
  • Refactor ProjectManagement/Bin
  • Project clips effects, so e.g. colour grading is done only once on the clip in the project bin and not every time in the timeline
  • Render using MLT presets
  • Duplicate Title clips

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