Redesign Ideas

This place is designed to allow discussions about improving Kdenlive for the 1.0 version.

Managing Project Clips

  • Make it possible to add effects to project clips. For example, you could add a color correction effect. Then, all occurences of the clip in timeline will have that effect, and a change to the effect will directly be reflected in timeline clips. The plan is to allow editing of project clips. Triggering the editing will open a new Timeline view with the clip, and the user can then drop and adjust effects in this timeline like in the project timeline. - JBM

Title Widget

  • The titler's code is currently quite broken and hard to fix. Using webvfx seems an interesting option, it would allow to create titles using HTML, javascript or QML. For those interested, I created a sample title with the webvfx module that can be viewed here: Titler sample video- JBM

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