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What is the Visual Design Group?

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The Visual Design Group is a group where designers meet, talk openly about the Plasma desktop used in many Linux computers across the world. Our group aims to bring the best designers together, find rising talent and combine them with the old guard. To help refine visuals and interface in cooperation with developers, interface designers and the KDE Marketing team – using open cooperation and collaboration as guidelines.

Active participation in design discussions takes place on our Telegram channel and KDE forums. You can also reach the VDG on IRC at #kde-vdg

We follow various guidelines in order to help many developers and application designers to help them in their creation journey. If you are looking to create an application for Plasma, please look for these guidelines to aid your design efforts. In this manner, we keep Plasma looking consistent and vibrant. If you're planning to design a user interface for a QWidgets-based, desktop-only application, first consult the Classic KDE Human Interface Guidelines (HIG). For applications that run on desktop and mobile, consult the Kirigami Human Interface Guidelines (HIG).

If you want to share your ideas visually, please use our Breeze widget theme. This is a collection of SVG elements to put together your interface visually using Inkscape or any other SVG editor. We have created a Mockup Toolkit.

The primary purpose of this wiki is to capture the results of those design discussions in a permanent place for future reference.

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The Visual Design Group is using Telegram to communicate. Please refer to these channels for any questions:

Main Channels

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