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KDE Community Forums is the official forum board for KDE. This page contain some useful information for developers and contributors who wish to use the forums.

Get a developer badge

Developer badges are used to easily identify KDE developers in the forum. To request a badge, simple send a PM to the administrators and tell us which areas you are involved with. You can also poke us on IRC, see #Contact the forum team.

Request a new forum

We welcome developers and contributors who wish to start a new forum section for their application or project. The prerequisites are few and the steps extremely simple.


  1. KDE - First of all, the application or project should obviously be related to KDE.
  2. Scope - There should be enough user interest in the application or project to fill the forum. This is considered on a per case basis but is generally not a problem.
  3. Moderators - At least one person involved with the application or project must be willing to moderate the forum.

Submitting a request

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Contact the forum team

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