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KDE sets goals that help the community focus on important things that need to get done in collaboration across many teams.


The current goals are:

  • Consistency: As KDE's software evolved small and large inconsistencies creep in that make our software less pleasant to use. It also means having to maintain different implementations of essentially the same component like a scrollbar. We will identify and remove these inconsistencies in all of KDE's software.
  • All about the Apps: We want to refocus on KDE's applications and make them easier to discover and install for our users.
  • Wayland: We will finalize the transition to Wayland and embrace the future of desktop. This is a necessary step towards a lot of new features and improvements our users want to see, like better touchscreen support.

Goals process

The process of selecting goals is described in a dedicated page.

Previous goals

In the past the KDE community has focused on these goals:

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