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Status reports for GSoC 2018

Remember to submit this link to Google Summer of Code; creating your report here is not enough.

A good status report will include:

  1. Design documents the student created
  2. Short video of the work, or screenshots as appropriate
  3. Link to a list of commits (example)
  4. Link to blog posts (on KDE Planet, at least monthly)

This is your summary of the GSoC project for your final submission to Google

Students list

Please keep list sorted.

John Doe (Template )

Abhijeet Sharma

Aman Kumar Gupta

Amit Sagtani

Andrey Cygankov

Andrey Kamakin

Anmol Gautam

Caio Jordão Carvalho

Chinmoy Ranjan Pradhan

Csaba Kertesz

Demetrio Carrara

Dileep Sankhla

Ferencz Kovács

Furkan Tokac

Gun Park

Iván Yossi Santa María González

Kavinda Pitiduwa Gamage

Mahesh S Nair

Tarek Talaat

Thanh Trung Dinh

Yihang Zhou

Yingjie Liu