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digiKam: Added the possibility to manually sort the digiKam icon view

digiKam has the possibility to sort the items in the icon view according to different criteria, for example by: name, date, file size, rating etc. Many digiKam users have long been wishing to manually sort the icon view. The bug report ( now has more than 700 votes. The goal of this project is to rearrange the sorting of items in the icon view by drag and drop. This sort must be stored in the database and must be retrievable like the other sort functions.

Work report

Manually sort of icon view in digiKam has been finished. User can drag picture A and drop it on picture B. And a menu with "Put back" will appear. Picture A will be placed behind B after user click on the action.

The manually sort order for each image is written in the table "Images" of database with a new column named "manualOrder". User can retrieve the sort result by click View->Sort Items->By Manual.

Blog Post

2018/06/07 Manually Sort Finished