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widget size and profile issues / Lancelot in panel

ivan: Lancelot launcher, that is its main window, is a separate process and is not going to be inside desktop nor panel. That is what the Shelf applet is for.

Emdek: Spell Check, it's feature, not bug (part of work flow, text is pasted into when clicking icon).

TheBlackCat I understand with Lancelot, but with spell checker, why can't you just have a text field always visible that you can paste into? Why do you need to click a button to get a text field? I don't see how that is an inherent part of the work flow when it is on the desktop, rather it seems like an unnecessary step that slows down the use of the plasmoid.

Emdek: Nope, that change would slow down use, adding manual paste step. Highlight some text in some application or copy to clipboard, then click icon. When dialog will pop up then it will contain highlighted / copied text. With always shown text edit the only way to have the same amount of steps would be pasting text when field gets focus which is very bad idea (incidental clearing or adding garbage). I was thinking about that when I was designing it but dismissed it as too big behavior difference.