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Below is a collection of open tasks that anyone could jump into immediately. For further information on any of the tasks, visit us in #plasma on or on the Plasma Devel mailing list.


Panel Issues

Individual Plasmoids

Calculator Plasmoid

  • a new plamoid that includes scientific functions

Calendar/Clock Plasmoids

Resize problems:

  • Need to take max width of date/timezone text into account as well as max width of time, otherwise the date/timezone gets cut off
  • At very small size should take screen dpi into account when switching from stacked to side-by-side

Character Map Plasmoid

Let the user select frequently-used characters. On the desktop, these would be listed at the top or bottom of the plasmoid. In the panel, they would be listed next to the icon for the plasmoid.

Folder View Plasmoid

  • On the desktop the folder view plasmoid lets you browse sub-folder by click on an an arrow icon. This feature is missing when folder view is in a panel and should be implemented. See:

bug 214270

  • Let the user set a blank label. The label should not take up any space when it is blank.

Kalgebra and Qalculate Plasmoid

  • a button that pops up a history of the last few (10?) calculations and results
  • merge these into a single plasmoid

Kate Sessions Plasmoid Plasmoid

Right-clicking on a session should give you options to remove or hide that session

Konqueror Sessions Plasmoid

Right-clicking on a session should give you options to remove or hide that session or profile

Konsole Profiles Plasmoid

Right-clicking on a profile should give you options to remove or hide that session or profile

Icon Plasmoid

either it needs cleaning up, or a new plasmoid needs to be created, that works well as a custom launcher and/or url shortcut.

Pager Plasmoid

Show a thumbnail of the desktop on hover. This requires a kwin effect.

Quicklaunch Plasmoid

On the desktop, the popup button should scale and position itself properly with the size and shape of the plasmoid

Tasks Plasmoid

  • when "only show minimized windows" is selected, set the minimize-to target of all non-minimized windows to the taskbar. see: bug 209650
  • dragging tasks to the desktop moves them to the current virtual desktop and/or adds them to the current activity
  • dragging tasks to the activity bar adds them to the current activity
  • no ability to remember individual position of each program in task manager
  • ugly slow animation when moving task manager items. also always have to move an item to the far half of another item for changing the position in the bar
  • imposibility of disabling wheel scrolling on task manager 198661

Window List Plasmoid

add more actions to it such as "minimize all", see bug 191394 .

World Clock Plasmoid

  • Ability to set custom time in a selected timezone to see result in other timezones
  • Search box / combo to quickly select a timezone, with time edit next to it, and a "Current Time" button, able to turn on/off in config
  • In config use same timezone selector as normal clocks, make separate page not tab, set default timezone for clock to show
  • List view of time zones instead of map (or new widget?)

All plasmoids


Update X-KDE-PluginInfo-Website entries to point to their entries on Userbase

plasmoid size and profile issues

  • Plasmoids that are normally iconified in a panel should change to a format similar to on the desktop in a large panel. Not all do. These widgets still need such functionality:
  • In large panels, the following plasmoids do not properly change their width relative to their height, resulting in either the widget being extremely narrow relative to its width, having graphical glitches, or not resizing at all:
    • Blackboard
    • Calculator
    • Calendar
    • Chemistry Did You Know
    • Kalzium Concentration calculator
    • Kalzium Nuclear calculator
    • Life
    • Knowledge Base
    • News
    • Timer
    • World Clock
  • The following plasmoids remain iconified even on the desktop, even though on click they have content that would be appropriate to have expanded normally on the desktop:
  • No abity to change size of icons/items in the panel

Fix Scroll Bar Middle Click

Unlike the rest of KDE, many widgets do not scroll when you middle click on the scrollbar.



  • add a plugin for

Hotplug DataEngine

  • add serviceForSource to the hotplug DataEngine (kdebase-workspace/plasma/generic/dataengines/hotplug) that provides an easy way to run a given predicate file.
  • add a sourceRequested method for "predicate:<some predicate file>" sources that would return information on the predicate (name, icon, etc)

Microblog dataengine

Implement missing parts of the Twitter/Identica protocol, see here:

  • Group resource
  • Friends resource
  • User resource
  • ...


  • implement mimeDataForMatch(const QueryMatch *match) for various runner plugins, e.g. Shell, Nepomuk. See: bug 249621


Slideshow wallpaper

When using a multi-screen setup, offer an option to link the random wallpaper selector for the two screens so they always select the same wallpaper.



  • Change the ui of project manager in order to display:
    • the version of the application
    • the authors name
  • the project manager's deletion should use KIO or QDIR (there is already a patch for QDIR)


  • Add a qdockwidget which will open the Qt Designer
  • Add a dockwidget which will list all the plasmoids of the system?(Requires new button in startpage,since now the plasmate can open only projects that exist)
  • Take out the export project option from the dockwidget?
    • Make the export project option as a wizard?
  • Add code completion


  • Merge the plasmoidviewer with plasmate
    • Make plasmoidvierwer able to open without starting the plasmate (Done?)
  • Add a dockwidget which will open the previewer engine
    • Merge the previewer engine in plasmate?
      • Improve the previewer engine.Needs?


Panel Containment

Implement an animation effect when showing a panel using "windows can cover" mode, similar to the slide in effect for "Auto-hide" mode. This would probably be a fade or dissolve effect. This requires a kwin effect.

Widget Explorer

The search box should have focus when the widget explorer is opened, see bug 270252.

Plasma tooltip popups block user interface 301841

Activity Manager

The search box should have focus when the activity manager is opened.


Remember your current virtual desktop on a per-activity basis. This requires kwin to provide appropriate metadata.


Rewrite of drag and drop behavior for widgets. What needs to happen is once the widget hits the "edge" (+ some margin?) of the containment it should be turned into a QDrag and "normal" DnD can begin. at which point, the panels will all Just Work(tm). bonus: it will also fix the "between multiple screens", "from panel to desktop" and perhaps even "between multiple activities" problem of DnD not supported well.

By default, the plasmoids are shown on all virtual desktops. When the user chooses to have different plasmoids on each virtual desktop, all his current plasmoids vanish. This is not desired because he may lose important things on his notes (etc.) Possible solution might be to ask the user which virtual desktop he wants the current set of plasmoids to be on.

Plasma elements such as Kickoff menu, battery info, calendar of clock widget don't remember their coordinates and sizes (Kickoff menu).

Plasma popups appear and disappear not instantly 301841.

Imposible to disable drag-n-drop of selected text.

When you minimize an application which has a detached panel, the panel will not minimize with the program.

When changing an icon, no ability to select no icon.

Imposible to disablie right mouse button "hold effect" (press RMB & don't release it, then move the cursor). While clicking right button, unintended unexpected selecting of menu item may happen unpredictedly!!! It would be better to make selection rectangle with right button, like in Wndows ®. Unintended unexpected thing may happen when selectng multiply files with SHIFT button: they may accidently be moved instead of just being selected, if you accidently move your mouse while making the last click.

If double click interval =0 (needed to prevent bug 298556) combobox is working only while mouse button is being hold.

Hotkeys(shortcuts) don't work while contextmenu/menu is opened! 127752, 70063.

Imposibility of creating hotkey combinations such as META+wheel, META+CTRL, META+ALT, META+SHIFT 211061, 169691, 84243, 179504.

Tooltips appear not immediately; and disappear in several seconds, instead of staing for all the time while mouse is above the object.

Some things won't select if your cursor was moved during the click. For example elements of task manager; folders in file managers (A folder cannot be droped into itself).

Removing plasmoids does not clean ~/.kde*/share/config/plasma-desktop* from old things, and new plasmoids don't get simple numbers, but get numbers like 49, 65, etc 282955.

Who is doing what?

Job Person
Window List Michał Dutkiewicz
Microblog Group resource
Activity plasmoid Luiz Romário Santana Rios
Calendar keyboard navigation Farhad Hedayati Fard
Folderview plasmoid - blank label Farhad Hedayati Fard
Widget Explorer Farhad Hedayati Fard
Activity Manager Farhad Hedayati Fard