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What We want

  • Allow the user to have most useful places at their fingertips everywhere / everytime
  • Sections: Files, information, Devices, People, Network Shares...
  • Made it easy to explore more (show all)
  • Add suggestions (future objective)
  • Should be predictable and consistent
  • Don't make user think, make they find

Possible Roadmap

  • Force smart order
  • Add sections
  • Change defaults
    • Saved searchs
    • More XDG Path
    • Hide Root
  • Remove hiding feature (keep it for Root)
  • Add manual network section
  • Add manual people section
  • Allow to tie a place to an activity
  • On drop ask if the place should be per application or activity or always seen (just like we do when moving files)
  • Mechanism for applications to insert their on app specific apps (Stage showing an "All presentations" place)
  • Add suggestion sections

The TODO is NOT in order, but it seems to us like a good start. Maybe we can even change the defaults for 4.7.3