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Job left to do

  • LibSolid
    • Add "Enable Final Support"
    • Look for Mac/Windows maintainers
    • Api Polling control/scan trigger
    • Device Type Subscription
    • Tidy up API (device Interfaces)
    • LibSolid in KDE Frameworks World
  • BlueDevil
    • Get to the 1.3 version (crash free)
    • LibBluedevil 2.0 (and port BlueDevil and release 1.4)
    • Better wizard plugins
    • Move to obexd (and release 2.0 version with this)
    • Plasmoid
    • More Workspace integration (Bluetooth KCM should become irrelevant)
  • ScreenDevil
    • New krandr wrapper (see reasons here)
    • KCM
    • KDED
    • Load/Save configuration
    • Popup
  • Merge kio_remote and kio_network
    • Make it simpler (Maybe by forcing categorized view somehow)
    • Make it more than a PoC (only showing interesting stuff)
  • Attract new developers
    • We have to fill the war room next year
    • Improve the documentation
    • Apply for GSoC next year
  • NetworkDevil
    • Network Stadistics
    • Get more users using the Plasmoid
    • Make it easier for new developers to get started
    • No more paper cuts, get it rock solid!