Promo/Video Improvements

Due to the lack of coherent and structured video production for KDE promotional purposes, it is necessary to create some sort of structure for the project so that we can be more effective both in the production and distribution the videos we elect to create.

Technical Issues

Lack of Documentation

The lack of accessible documentation is likely going to hinder the production of videos unless corrected. Having a standardized workflow would make production both easier and more consistent within KDE materials.


Create Documentation
  • Recording
  • Editing
    • Standards and Best Practices
    • Project Design Principles for video (for consistent results)
  • Transcoding
  • Uploading
  • Links to usable content (backgrounds, music, etc)
  • Links to additional resources (copywriters, voice work, graphics)

Issues with splitting tasks

If we want to split tasks out into chunks (recording, editing, recording voice work, etc), then we will need a way to reliably and uniformly share the necessary resources (raw video footage, copy, sound clips, etc) with other members of the team.


Distribution Issues

Lack of Unified Distribution

From appearances, there isn't much of an "official" KDE video source. Given how effective video can be as a promotional tool, consolidation may prove valuable.


Create a KDE channel (YouTube)
  • Approval from project leadership
  • Creating project YouTube page (Ongoing maintenance)
  • ONGOING: Encouraging new content creators to use YouTube channel
  • ONGOING: Share related videos on the project channel

Ideas for General Improvements

"Work Pool"

Having a list of who in the project/on the promo team is capable/willing to handle certain related tasks (voice work, graphics, recording, editing, copywriting) might make it easier to make higher quality videos on a consistent, timely basis. No commitments, of course, just a simple "these are my skills, contact me to work something out".

Media Library

Having a library of sounds, music, graphics, and clips may make it easier to create professional-looking videos in a timely manner. May run into licensing issues.

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