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The page contains a variety of talking points for KDE software as well as the community. It was created during Google Code-In by Giannis Konstantinidis

Talking points for KDE software

These are the best arguments for students to use KDE software

  • A wide range of programs

KDE includes a wide variety of programs for all of the students' needs. There are many applications that the student can choose from and do his work.

  • Solutions for all of the student's needs

Since KDE includes a wide variety of programs, it is obvious that these programs will cover all (or at least most) of the student's needs. The student will not have to find, install and use other software; everything comes with KDE and If a student had a previous experience with other desktops,he will find alternatives for all of the programs he used. More information about the students' tasks and solutions with KDE software can be found here

  • Easy-to-use software

KDE's applications are easy to use, to learn and to interact with. This means that most students/teachers will not experience problems with these applications. KDE is going to be their best friend!

  • Continuous support

Just in case someone experiences problems with one or more applications, there is continuous support for KDE. Documentation for each one program is being provided. There are also some places where the user can ask for support (e.g. forums, irc etc.) and since KDE has a big community, he/she should never fell alone and abandoned. People from all over the world would be happy to help him/her with his/her problems.

  • An awesome Graphical User Interface

KDE as a Desktop as well as its applications come with an amazing Graphical User Interface that every student will love and will enhance his/her experience.

  • Freedom

KDE and its applications are free software. This means that everyone is free to use, copy, remix, distribute these programs. Users will be able to freely give a copy of these programs to a friend, study them and change their functions etc.

Talking points for KDE community

These are the best arguments for students to get involved into the KDE community

  • Gain Experience

As a part of the KDE community, students will be able to gain lots of experience during their activities there. They will learn how to work and collaborate with other contributors. They will learn the value and the strengths of the community. They will do lots of things that will enhance their experience not only in KDE but also in Free Software in general. The student will develop great values through his/her contribution.

  • A variety of available contributions

A Student doesn't need to be a programmer in order to get involved into the community. He shall not be afraid or fear to become a member of the community. Whether he/she is a writer, designer, translator, peoples person etc. he/she can still become part of the community. Everyone is invited to join with no special experience required.

  • Expand your knowledge about KDE and Free Software in general

By becoming a member of the KDE community the student will be able to learn more about how KDE works and expand his knowledge. The same applies and for other Free Software, since KDE is free.

  • Create Communicative skills

Through collaboration with the other contributors, the students will be able to develop or improve his communicative skills.


When someone talks about KDE as software or as a community, he/she can freely use the above talking points for his/her work. I hope they will come in handy.

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