OpenRheinRuhr 2011 will take place in Oberhausen, Germany during November 12-13, 2011. KDE's presence at OpenRheinruhr 2011 will be coordinated by Eckhart Wörner.


We have successfully applied for a booth.


Name Mail Phone Number Sat 12th Sun 13th Accommodation needed
Eckhart Wörner [email protected] +49 173 8026512 x x Fri 11th - Sun 13th
Ralph Müller-Welt [email protected] +49 157 73893071 x x not needed
Myriam Schweingruber [email protected] +49 174 2056070 x x not needed
Mark Kretschmann [email protected] +49 151 16890685 x x not needed


Accomodation will be taken care of?

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