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KDE at FOSDEM 2015

FOSDEM 2015, 31 Jan - 1 Febuary, ULB Campus Solbosch, Brussels, Belgium

  • KDE will be part of the Desktops DevRoom on Sunday only ([1]), devroom organised by Pau Garcia i Quiles
  • KDE will probably have a stall (two tables)


Please add yourself and your details if you are coming

Name Available to help on the stall? Book me a place at Saturday evening meal Accommodation? Phone number
Jonathan Riddell Saturday and Sunday Yes + Nim Ibis St Catherine +447941 938 912 (or possibly +34 664 141 278)
Albert Astals Cid Don't know Yes + 1 Other - -
David Edmundson Don't know Yes - -
Agustin Benito Bethencourt Saturday and Sunday Yes - -
Ovidiu-Florin BOGDAN Don't know Yes + 1 other Ibis Styles Brussels Louise Hotel +40 743 135 018
Rick Timmis Saturday and Sunday Yes Local B n B, should be within walking distance +44 7766 145 892
Lydia Pintscher some not sure I can make it NH City Center ask - lots of people have it
José Millán Soto Saturday and Sunday Yes Ibis St Catherine -
Andreas Cord-Landwehr Don't know yet No - see identity.k.o
Kevin Krammer Sure, both days yes NH City Center +43 650 7 11 13 19
Martin Gräßlin Saturday No - see identity.k.o
Ingo Klöcker Saturday and Sunday Yes - see identity.k.o
Kenny Coyle Saturday yes + 1 - Will update identity.k.o when I arrive and have a Sim card.
Aleix Pol Don't know Yes -
Vishesh Handa Saturday and Sunday Yes -
Víctor Blázquez Don't know Yes -
Sune - Yes -
Pablo Castro Valiño - Yes Ibis St Catherine -
Marcos Chavarría Teijeiro - Yes Ibis St Catherine -
Brais Arias Rio - Yes - -
Kevin Funk some yes The Moon Hotel, close to city center
Arjen Hiemstra No, at company's booth instead (Ultimaker) Yes Warwick Barsey
Franck Arrecot No, or not planned Nop Jacques Brel hostel
Remi Benoit No Nop Jacques Brel hostel
Paul "The Bandwidth Doubler" Adams Ish. Both days. Yarp Hilton (Place Rogier) +44 7745 133285 / +49 157 30916473
Bruno Coudoin Yes Yes Jacques Brel hostel
Paul Sladen - Yes - -
Friedrich W. H. Kossebau some Yes - -
Andreas Hartmetz - Yes - -


Cross Desktop Room with Gnome, Enlightenment, etc al Sunday. Deadline for submitting a talk is Dec 7th


We will have two tables

What? Who? Status
Name badges Rick Timmis Printed, and holders provided by WiFi SPARK, with USB Keys ;-)
Work out what to demo
Table cloths - 2 x large blue Jos
Swag (T-shirts, etc) Ovidiu
Amigurumi Konquis Franck Arrecot Received from Tim, will bring them
Posters Rick Timmis Printed, will bring with me
Manifesto Business Cards
Frameworks 5 leaflets Lydia is ordering
Join The Game forms
FLA forms
Krita DVDs & Books
Duct Tape or similar Rick Timmis I have a roll that we can have
unspecified flyers, shirts Jos


Got equipment for the stall? Add here

What? Who? Status
Plasma 5 demos jriddell with laptops needs kubuntu ci image


Got any posters? bring them!

What? Who? Status
KDE España

Friday Drinks

Hopefully FOSDEM will organise beer at Delirium again.

Saturday Evening Meal

Jonathan has booked a room in Grand Place at La Paon 20:30 on Sat evening, this Kubuntu meal will have finger food paid for by the Ubuntu community fund and is open to all KDE people. You need to book in the table above to be able to come.