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This page explains how applications under the KDE umbrella can help strengthen the KDE's brand and how this can, in turn, help boost the adoption of KDE software among users not initially familiar with it.

Here you can also find some guidelines on how to include KDE branding in your project websites, splash screens and presentations.

This page is the result of a discussion carried out on a task in the Promo workboard on Phabricator.


KDE as a brand is not very well-known (if at all) outside the FLOSS community. Even within the FLOSS community, KDE is often thought of as a minor, even ailing project.

This makes it difficult for new applications developed within KDE to become accepted by a wider audience. A recognizable and familiar brand associated with useful, popular and attractive applications would make it easier for users to decide to adopt new KDE applications with the same brand.


There are already some KDE applications that have made breakthroughs in being adopted beyond our immediate community. These popular applications can be used as ambassadors for the KDE brand, if they include the KDE name, logo and link in a prominent position on their websites, in the apps themselves, in presentations the project contributors give at events, and so on.

Projects under the KDE umbrella produce high-quality applications. Many of these apps are becoming more and more popular even outside our community and can act as a potential gateway to other KDE software, more support and contributors, and FLOSS in general. By helping reinforce the KDE brand with their users, they help other KDE projects, which, in turn, can help them back as they become more popular.

A strong, recognizable brand makes adoption easier within a wider audience for all projects.

How to Add KDE Branding to Your Project

For Websites

If your project has its own website or a page you can easily stylise yourself, use the "Made by KDE" phrase preceded by the KDE logo in the upper right-hand corner of your top menu. The logo and phrase must link to

Here are some examples.

The font is Noto Sans and you can find the logo on KDE Share.

For Splash Screens

If your application shows a splash screen on startup, include the "Made by KDE" phrase preceded by the KDE logo in an unobtrusive, but clearly visible position, for example, in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

For Slides

While at events and during presentations about your application, framework, or service, include the "Made by KDE" phrase preceded by the KDE logo in the lower right-hand corner of your slides.

Showcase: Projects with KDE Branding

The projects that currently follow these guidelines are

Join the branding effort and add your project to the list!

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