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Plasma media Center (PMC) is KDE's Media Center which allow you to play your favourite songs, view lovely pictures and watch viedos together at one place.

This wiki page is created mainly tell how and from where a person should start with in order to contribute into this project. Our main wiki page related to Plasma Media Center is available at

Source Code

You can browse Plasma Media center source code at

To get the current source code from git, you can use following in your terminal

    $ git clone git://

Package dependency

Please install package dependency according to what distro you are using from

Building source

  • Go inside plasma-mediacenter folder
     $ cd plasma-mediacenter
  • Now, create a build directory. build directory will contain all binaries, libraries generated by make
     $ mkdir build
  • Enter into build directory
     $ cd build
  • Run cmake in source directory, you can also provide custom path in option -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX to tell where your final binary should get installed
     $ cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix`
  • Run make command to generate binaries
     $ make or,
     $ make -j(n+1)         # here, n = number of CPU available in your system
  • Now, install binaries to path mentioned in option -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX
      $ sudo make install
  • Now, run kbuildsycoca4 in order to get plugins loaded
      $ kbuildsycoca4

- You can also take help from blog

Bug report and fixes

Once you are done with successful installation, run plasma-mediacenter and it should launch.

Submitting patch

Done some fixes in code? You can send us your patch for getting reviewed

  • Goto url
  • upload patch
  • Update required information along with summary
  • In group section, add group as "plasma"
  • In case you want your code reviewed by specifice people, enter corresponding email id in people section

Getting Help

If you have any question or need any kind of help then