Plasma/Plasma Media Center/DecemberMeeting

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  • Stable, always release-able master
  • Features to be worked in separate branches, to be merged after review
  • While in freeze, bugs to be reported on

Release Plan

  • Feature Freeze on 12 December 2012
  • Plasma Media Center 1.0 Release on 12 February 2013

Plasma Active Packages

  • Request Lamarque to maintain PMC package for PA



  • No hardcoded colors, take from Plasma::Theme
  • Air theme doesn't work there, use Oxygen
  • old black-ish wallpaper (Marco to find the wallpaper used in the screenshot of [1] )
  • test end to end keyboard navigation

Intro screen

  • Just a little dot pointer (actionbutton.svgz?) instead of the whole highlight frame
  • no about page
  • No "Plasma Media Center" label


  • A single spinner, not one per file (or static image to resemble loading)
  • no zoom of thumbnails on mouse over
  • no one pixel gray border
  • elide the text on the places sidebar



  • Way to add plasmoids (after 1.0)
  • Hidden config option to hide Filesystem browsing backends (for 1.0)


  • Create reusable components for media browsers (after 1.0)