Plasma 5 is a whole new version and won't co-install with Plasma 1. Nevertheless some parts of runtime should co-install so apps using kdelibs4 can run under Plasma 5.

Frameworks Coinstallability page

not co-installable

these are new version of the KDELibs 4 equivalents from kde-workspace and won't co-install, no change expected

  • libksysguard
  • ksysguard
  • kinfocenter
  • kmenuedit
  • kwrited
  • systemsettings
  • khelpcenter
  • powerdevil
  • plasma-desktop
  • plasma-workspace

yes co-installable

  • kwin is now co-installable
  • baloo libraries are co-installable but not the binaries (although they are drop in replacements)
  • kfilemetadata co-installable library version

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