Plasma/Browser Integration/Changelog

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This page lists changes for each version of the browser extension. The native host is released alongside Plasma and releases are tracked there.



Tag: browser/1.9

Released: 2023-11-04 (Chrome store), 2023-11-11 (Firefox store)

  • Rewritten page code injection code (fixes e.g. Spotify on Firefox)
  • Port away from deprecated InstallTrigger on Firefox
  • “Share…” menu now also on tab context menu on Firefox
  • Tabs runner queries only “normal” windows
  • History runner skips “blob” URLs
  • Check native messaging port before sending to it
  • Prettier console debug output
  • Performance and resource usage improvements


Tag: browser/1.8.1

Released: 2021-10-27 (Firefox only)

  • Show toolbar badge when playing
  • Avoid using eval() for code deduplication

Tag: browser/

Released: 2021-01-24 (Chrome store), 2021-01-26 (Firefox and Edge stores)


  • Fix Netflix


Tag: browser/1.8

Released: N/A

Announcement: N/A

  • Browser history runner (needs Plasma 5.21 or newer)
  • Optimized favicon handling in tabs runner
  • Share via KDE Connect from tab bar (Firefox only)


Tag: browser/1.7.6

Released: 2020-08-03 (Chrome and Firefox stores)


  • Better handling for players in iframes
  • Continuously monitor player duration
  • Use player "poster" as album art if applicable
  • Clearer "Send to" KDE Connect context menu entries
  • Performance improvements


Tag: browser/1.7.5

Released: 2020-04-16 (Chrome and Firefox stores)


  • Show "Share..." menu only when enabled/supported
  • Downloads in recent documents
  • Better tab crash handling
  • Various media controls improvements


Tag: browser/1.7

Released: 2019-11-26 (Chrome and Firefox stores)


  • Per-domain media controls blacklist
  • Origin URL in downloaded file attributes (requires Plasma 5.17 or later)
  • Web Share API support (requires Plasma 5.17 or later)
  • Chromium FreeBSD support


Tag: browser/1.6.1

  • Fix for broken media controls in 1.6 on older browser versions


Tag: browser/1.6


  • Enhanced media controls enabled by default
  • Muted and FullScreen handling in MPRIS
  • Better support for players in iframes
  • Browser action for error reporting
  • Higher threshold for ignoring short players


A changelog for older releases can be found in the description of the relevant git tag in the plasma-browser-integration repository.