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A number of mailing lists exist to facilitate discussion in the community and to allow activity such as commits and changes to bugs on the Bug Tracker to be monitored. A full list of public mailing lists can be found on Some mailing lists are private however, and may not be shown on that list.


A complete list of mailing lists hosted by our mailman instance is found here. From this website, you can subscribe to most of the mailing lists. Please note that some mailing lists require the confirmation of the moderator before you can be subscribed to the mailing list. Some mailing lists (especially those related to KDE e.V.) are private, and your subscription request will never be approved unless you have either or both of authority and special permission to subscribe to that particular list.

Subscription requests should not be sent to <listname> If you have problems subscribing to a mailing list, please file a ticket.


Certain emails generated by Reviewboard and KDE Bugzilla will automatically be accepted and will bypass moderation. All other email is subject to the moderation policy applied by the list administrator. In some cases all posts of new subscribers are moderated and only after a few posts you will be whitelisted. In most cases though, the policy is to automatically accept all email from subscribers to the list, and holds all other mail for moderation.

Information for moderators

KDE mailing lists can be moderated either through the web interface or through the listadmin tool. For more information on listadmin, please see this blog post.

If you encounter problems in moderating your mailing list, please get in contact with sysadmin by filing a ticket.