Easy UI

* Fast basic navigation:

o GL Canvas rotate
o Mouse only pan & zoom
o Dragable brush size
o Popup pallete (expand)

* NG Color selector

  • Customizable UI (1 window / floating panels)
  • Colourmanaged

High Performance

* Multithreaded / OpenGL for speed

Creative Flexibility

* 16bit RGB and CMYK (+others)

  • Layering system: (needs examples, live halo/dropshadow etc)
o Bitmap (paint) layers
o Shape (vector) layers
o Clone layers
o Group layers
o Filter layers (non destructive)
o Generator layers (expand)
o Layer effects (eg DropShadow)
  • Warp tool (show free point warping)

Leads into...

Brush Engine

  • All brushes can have the full matrix of the following adjusted:
o Property curves: each property (eg size, opacity - expand) can be affected by sensors (x-tilt, pressure etc - expand) and refined with curves (can opacity be affected by pressure *and* speed?)
o Wide range of tools (hairy, spray, sketch,hatching, filter, deform, smudge plus more)
o Brush shapes (predefined shapes, bitmap images, svg shapes, text)
o Dual painting modes (build up or flat colour where self intersecting?)
o Erase mode
o Per tool / all presets (can be OCS downloaded, uploaded?)

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