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When we allow the user to paint outside canvas area, we face to the following problems:

  1. Preview of that layers contains extra data (can be fixed by adding KisPaintDevice::createImageThumbnail() method)
  2. PSD and KRA files are too heavy in size

Possible Solutions

  1. Add a shortcut to clean area outside canvas
    • what should be its name?
    • need to paint an icon!
    • wiki-manual entry
  2. Add a checkbox and/or a user warning before saving the image that the image has some extra data. Otherwise the user will forget to press this shortcut before saving.
  3. Add a checkbox to disable painting outside canvas borders. Only painting, other tools should work fine. More than that the user should be able to start a stroke outside the canvas borders.
    • name?
    • icon is needed
    • wiki-manual entry