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Basic ideas are:

1. Currently available options of resource management are not enough.

2. New features are mainly required for large collections of resources.

3. To add all required features into presets docker is not an option. So there should be two different dialogs: one for selection of resource (existing presets docker) and one for managing (new one).

4. Wanted features are mainly the same for all kinds of resources (brush presets, brushtips, patterns). So probably it is possible to create one dialog to manage them all.

First mockup of possible dialog:


Features not visible on mockup:

  • Multiple selection should be possible both for resources and for tags
  • Drag-n-drop resource(s) to tag or tag(s) to resource to assign tag(s) to resource(s)
  • For tags list, type-to-search should be available; maybe it could be implemented with separate editbox, like existing search boxes for resources.

Small UI improvements research:

Krita Presets Wishes AlOSt

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