The preparations for zip file packaging precede those for building an msi

As a Zip File

  • From the install directory, copy the bin, lib, share and plugins folders to another place, say krita_x64_2.9.10.0/
  • In the bin directory, you remove:
    • every exe except for krita.exe
    • everything that's not an exe or a dll
    • every Qt debug dll (ends with *d4.dll)
    • every perl dll
  • in the lib directory, you remove
    • everything that's except for the kde folder
  • then you move the plugins folder into the libs folder
  • in the share folder, you can remove things as well, but it's not a huge amount of space you save

And then you zip it up and hand it out, and it'll work wherever the user unzips it to, if they have the msvc runtime

As an MSI

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