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Usability discussions during the February Krita meeting

popup palette

  • move colors inside circle, move brush presets outside
  • make left-clickable area with preview of selected color around the triangle: clicking will close the palette
  • show presets using a single, tapering stroke
  • kidney/fan-shape instead of circle?
  • if we remove the context menu, we can put the palette under right click and pan under middle-click

paintop popup

Design for the brush settings toolbar:

[feature slider|flow slider|eraser toggle|engine combo|settings button]

The settings button should show:

* icon | preset name or "Custom" | v

  • have a scratchpad area that is pannable, shows either the current layer, a gradient or white area (selectable) to try the brush on. Optionally, record the user's last stroke and rerender whenever the settings change.
  • put the scratchpad to the right
  • use super-cool 10-100-1000 slider instead of current cornucopia of sliders
  • make popup tear-offable into a modeless, tool-type dialog
  • first, per paintop presents, search bar on top of preset list with a checkbox to enable searching in all presets
  • unique presets (operator==)
  • use scratchpad for preset preview
  • edit preset: save changes, remove old preset
  • start working from no presets
  • paintop combo, popup with two tabs
  • spec tagging carefully, see gimp tagging spec (gsoc)
  • it must be possible to start from a blank slate --
  • no date in preset list, maybe tooltip. Also: menu option to clean out duplicate presets
  • use toggle buttons, not tabs for the brush tips

template chooser

  • it is not good, especially not on _big_ screens, but we don't have much choice right now

filter dialog

  • hide/remove the gallery.
  • make it a tool-type window
  • docker: not possible

screen size

  • boudewijn insists on 1024x768 -- but peter has good arguments for making it 1280x1024. Do we aim for widescreen? We need with every choice determine whether dual-screen would make it even better.


We currently have a input box with drop down slider, as well as lots of unmarked sliders. We need to spec a new slider with the following properties:

  • show state as a fill
  • move the state to the position the user clicks inside the slider
  • change state by tilt
  • allow manual input of numbers
  • no drop-down


  • remove COPY composite mode from the user's view
  • brush size slider: change diameter/scale for current brush for preset