Krita/Stroke Storage

Here is the mailing list discussion:

We need storage for data that are created by paintops and live longer then a stroke:

e.g. some paintop like sketch needs to store the QPointF. Pentalis needs to store some temporary bitmaps for hatching etc. When user do undo, also the datastructure has to be undone.

LukasT: Have you got idea how hard it will be to integrate the undo of the generic data structure (sketch needs to save QVector<QPointF> , hatch needs to save list of KisFixedDevices, sumie needs to store only one qreal) dmitryK: i think the best choice here is just a straightforward QStack dmitryK: LukasT: or QList, because we need to Redo() as well LukasT: ok, and where would be the QList stored? LukasT: somewhere in kis_tool ? dmitryK: LukasT: i just don't get how it can be connected to the canvas dmitryK: it should be at the same time "per-paintop" and "static"

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