2020 Krita Sprint

The 2020 Krita Sprint (or KritaCon) will be held in Rennes, France, in the venue of ActivDesign, 11, bis rue Jean le Hô, Rennes. The sprint will take place right after the Libre Graphics Meeting.



LGM: 26-29 May Sprint: 30 May to 5 June (that is the departure day, not a work day)


As soon as possible, go to:

  • You only need to ask for reimbursment for your travel costs. Accomodation will be handled by Boudewijn.
  • KDE e.V. reimburses, not pre-imburses. If that is a problem, the Krita Foundation can help out.

Use LGM for the reimbursement event.



Please put your name below if you're coming along with arrival and leave dates

Name Arrival Leaving EstimatedTravel Costs tee size Notes
Boudewijn Rempt May 25 June 5 . XL Will travel by train
Irina Rempt May 29 June 5 . XL Will travel by train
Kuntal Majumder May 24 June 5 700 EUR S Will visit deventer first
Rebecca Breu May 25 June 5 - M -
Wolthera May 25 June 5 50~ M Will also visit deventer first.
David Revoy May 28 May 31 200 EUR XXL -
Timothée Giet - - - XXL Already in Rennes (accomodation not needed)
Emmet O'Neill May 25 June 5 ~1400 EUR XXL -
Eoin O'Neill May 25 June 5 ~1400 EUR XL -
Dmitry Kazakov May 25 June 5 ~600 EUR XL -
Tiar May 25 June 5 ~400 EUR S female -
IvanYossi May 25 June 5 ~1400 EUR XS Plane to Paris, Train to Rennes
Raghukamath May 24 June 5 ~1000 EUR approx. Medium Travel Itinerary not decided yet.

Most probably will come to Deventer first.

Carl Schwan May 23 May 30 ~300 EUR approx. L TGV from Saarbrücken to Renner

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