Pentalis' Asynchronous Roadmap

This page is here to list the features I am committed to finish at some point in time unless things change drastically, along with a reason why I consider the feature to be important and why it has its current priority. Note that as of September 2010 and probably for the rest of the year, I'm mainly focusing on finishing my thesis to get the title of chemist so my progress may either be slow, or jerky (lots of commits then long absence and so on).

Update June 2011:

I've been doing sponsored work fixing bugs and adding some interesting features to Krita (quick presets selector, save incremental, solving all wishes and bugs on the layer box). I've done some secret work on the slowly developing Impasto feature (in this case it's some very nice UI improvements to phong bumpmap) it will be published on my blog when it's ready and stable.

Note: If you want to suggest I focus on something else through this Wiki page, please just add the item in Additional. I'll comment back on it. I think that's more in the Wiki spirit than discussing this in IRC and then posting it here.

  • Solve Solving this bug is important for release 2.3 so I'll try to hurry with this one. The fix consists of making KisPainter::bitBltFixedSelection to respect the device's selection, since by looking at the source it can be concluded that such was its intended behavior (only 3 classes use it, all 3 classes expecting that behavior, and it wasn't there, hence bug 246639).
  • Polish KisPainter a little further, renaming variables, adding documentation, and improving the code I added. This goes parallel to making a pretty mix brush.
  • Make a versatile mix brush tool: This is important because the lack of a good mix brush is holding Ico-dY from switching over to Krita. Besides, I've wanted a mix brush even before I joined the project. Plassy aka Silvio Heinrich already made an excellent smudge brush that can also work as mixbrush.
  • Make the halftone brush: This is overdue from GSoC, I think it's less important than the mix brush because so far no artist has explicitly requested me to finish it :-) however, I suspect silent comic artists may be waiting for it, so it has to be done quickly.
  • Make generators based on the halftone and hatching brush: At this point I should be finishing the impasto effect but that requires much more work than finishing this, and, on top of that, I have the hunch that this feature will be very useful for comic artists who want an homogeneous hatching or halftone. This step could also be the basis to prepare the Fill Tool to fill with hatching/halftone gradients (that would be wicked cool in my opinion).
  • Finish the impasto effect: Long overdue but very difficult and not very urgent (I haven't seen any artist actively requesting it), so I dropped this to the end of the list.


Suggestions for things that Krita could use to be better:

A popup icon bar letting the user choose what brush properties to edit with shift+drag. By default it is diameter.

Solution for the Smudge Brush bug: Smudge brush absorbs all colors around to a hidden "preparedness layer" in the background.

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