Krita/Krita audit


Although some issues might still apply, this page is obsolete. It was meant to determine problems for the 2.0 release.

Krita problems

  • Krita should remember the last size and resize itself on restart (it seems like it just doesn't remember that it was maximised)


  • the opacity slider in the tool option is missing the % suffix


  • the toolbox is badly organized: the krita tools should be re-ordered to be in the same order as in 1.6
  • the measure tool does not have an icon
  • the transform tool does not have an icon
  • the freehand tool does not have an icon
  • associating tools with stylus, eraser and cursor is broken; the toolbox sometimes shows two

active tools at the same time, sometimes it's impossible to switch a tool for a pointing device.


  • the current brush preview is scaled incorrectly
  • the predefined brushes overview is scaled incorrectly


  • drag and drop doesn't work (
  • it's not a bug, but something that needs to be done to make the layer actions work correctly: the layer items themselves need to implement something to show progress, for instance a blue bar behind the name.




  • when painting with a tablet, every time the stylus lifts from the tablet, the mouse tool option widget is put back, and on every stroke, the tablet widget page is put in the tool option docker (Note from Cyrille, I can't reproduce with an Intuos3, can someone confirm if this is still valid ?)


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