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New Krita Lime repository policy

New repository is located on:<repository name>

This repository is declared as official Krita Lime repository and published in all Krita media sources. It contains two kinds of packages: official releases and "somewhat stable" builds of current developers branch.

"Somewhat stable builds"
developer starts rebuilding of a new testing package only when he is sure the new build is stable enough for people to use in their usual workflow. Therefore there are no automatic daily builds.

The repository contains

  1. ktita-2.9 — latest official release of Krita. Corresponds to the latest 'tag' set by release manager.
  2. krita-2.9-l10n — localization packages for krita-2.9
  3. krita-testing — latest "somewhat usable" package of the current development branch. Kicked off manually by developers when they think "master is stable enough". No automatic daily builds.
  4. krita-testing-l10n — localization packages for krita-testing

Old Krita Lime repository

Old repository is located on:

The repository was created using a private account, so it is updated manually by Dmitry Kazakov by means of recipes that fetch code directly from the new repository.

Repository layout

Auto-tracking branches

lp:~dimula73/calligra/calligra-2.9 — auto-tracking branch of calligra/2.9 git branch
lp:~neon/calligra/master — auto-tracking branch of master git branch

debian branches

These branches are nested on the top the main source directory to add debian folder which describes the packaging data

for krita-2.9

lp:~kritalime/+junk/krita-testing-ubuntu-precise — Precise only

for krita-testing

lp:~kritalime/+junk/krita-2.9-ubuntu-precise — Precise only


for krita-2.9

for krita-testing

Repository transition roadmap

[DONE] Initial fork (Dmitry)

  1. [DONE] move all 6 code repositories into the team
  2. [DONE] create 6 recipes that build packages from these branches and put into the repository owned by the team

Remove dependency on project-neon and install into /usr/ instead of /opt/project-neon/

  1. just fix it in debian repositories (volunteer?)

Automatic builds of l10n packages

  1. write a manual how it is done right now (Dmitry)
  2. automate (volunteer?)

Auto-sync older repo

  1. Copy 6 recipes from the new repo that use exactly the same shared branches