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We will be releasing 2.9.x versions of Krita until 3.1 is ready for end users. Every month a new 2.9.x is expected.

This page is for documenting the new features and bugs that get fixed from 1st of july 2015 till whenever the 3.1 release is.

Feature Template

  • [Short Feature Name]
    • [Short explanation in 2-5 sentences]
    • [Screenshot] Screenshot and/or video should small and catchy, so it would be possible to post it in social networks.



3.0 Alpha 3(14th of March)

Feature freeze till 3.0 proper is out.

  • New layerdocker-look:
  • More condensed and clean looking to make it easier to use.
  • Layers can have colors be associated with them. You can later filter the layers by color.
  • A lot of new shortcuts for grouping, moving, and working with multiple layers.
  • Ctrl+Alt+G now quick ungroups layers! (Not in the video below)
  • We removed the Grid Tool… And created a new grid docker that exposes all the grid and guide settings. This makes it much easier and logic to work with and edit your grids. Krita’s grid handling has been streamlined by removing the perspective grid tool (you can find a much more powerful perspective grid in the assistants) and the snap settings docker is gone, to be replaced by the snap setting pop-up(shift+s)
  • Snapping to grids and guides wasn’t part of the original plan, and we were even considering making it a 2016 Kickstarter stretch goal, but we implemented snapping for all vector, selection and raster tools! Well, with the exception of the distance measurement tool and the freehand tools, like the freehand brush tool, multibrush, dynabrush, and freehand path tools.
  • A Spriter exporter! We’ve worked together with BrashMonkey to create a new export filter to create sprite maps from Krita images. Based on the Photoshop plugin, this filter is still in its early stages. Plenty of known bugs, but very promising.
  • Compatible with TV-Paint, Fazek created a new export filter that can generated CSV-based layered animation projects
  • Turn your greyscale artwork into color with a gradient map filter. This wasn’t planned to be done, but we had a surprise special guest hacker Spencer Brown who submitted this feature out of the blue! Thank you Spencer! For the future, we want to make it possible to use the Gradient Map filter as a filter layer, but that isn’t possible yet.
  • Nicolas Guttenberg implemented the “Greater” blending mode to make it easier to create semi-transparent strokes.
  • There are still known bugs in the move tool, but it also got a really nice additional feature: Move Increment Multipliers for the Move Tool. (Accessible with shift+arrow keys)
  • The Crop tool, Assistant editing tool and the Straight line tool got an improved user interface, and the Straight line tool’s on-canvas preview has been improved as well.
  • Shortcut settings have been moved to sit with the other settings
  • The steps for the lighter/darker and similar hotkeys can now be configured in the settings.
  • The HSY selector’s Gamma can be configured in the settings!
  • New cursor options: single pixel black and white, for those who REALLY need precision.
  • Pixel art brush presets

3.0 Alpha 2(4th of February)

  • Shift+R+click onto canvas can now select multiple layers! Use this in combination with the multiple properties editor to rename a bunch of layers quickly, or use ctrl+g to group them!
  • Improved pop-up palette, now preset-icons are more readable (size depends on maximum amount of presets set in the general settings)
  • Tons of improvements to the color space browser: the Tone curve is now visible, making it easier to find linear spaces, there’s feedback for color look-up table profiles like CMYK, there’s copyright in the info box, as well as possible conversion intents, and overall just more extra info moved into the tooltips for a cleaner look. The PNG 16bit import is also alphabetised.
  • Hotkeys for Hue, Saturate/Desaturate, making a color redder, yellower, bluer or greener, as well as making lighter/darker use luminance where possible. The new hotkeys have no default key and need to be set in the shortcuts editor.:
  • HSI, HSY and YCrCb for the HSV/HSL adjustment filter. HSY and YCrCb can use the correct coefficients for most rgb spaces, but it isn’t linearisable yet, so not true luminance yet. Regardless, below a comparison:
  • The color smudge brush can now do subpixel precision in dulling mode: krita-smudge-brush-pixel-precision in dulling mode.
  • Add progress reporting when Krita saves a .KRA file

3.0 Alpha(6th of January)


  • Implemented a "Drop Frames" mode for Krita and made it default option Now you can switch on the "Drop Frames" mode in the Animation Docker to ensure your animation is playing with the requested frame rate,

even when the GPU cannot handle this amount of data to be shown. Show current fps and whether the frames are dropped in the tooltip of the drop frames button 1) The buttons becomes red if the frames a dropped 2) The tool tip shows the following values:

  • Effective FPS --- the visible speed of the clip
  • Real FPS --- how many real frames per second is shown (always smaller)
  • Frames dropped --- percentage of the frames dropped
  • FEATURE: Allow switching frames using arrow keys(canvas input setting)
  • Add "Show in Timeline" action to the Layers Docker
  • Let the current frame spin box have a higher limit as well/ Let the user choose the start frame higher than 99
  • We rewrote our tablet handling. If tablets didn't work for you with 2.9 or even crashed, check out the 3.0 branch.
  • Refresh Wintab context after tablet screen rotation
  • Move increment keys for the move tool! This is still under development, but we are sure it's basic form is appreciated.
  • We removed the 'move in/out of group layer' buttons. Moving a layer up and down will also pass it into the group.
  • Duplication of multiple layers
  • Shift+Delete shortcut to the Remove Layer action
  • Move Up/Down actions for multiple layer selections
  • Make Merge Down for multiple layers and selecting the right merged layer afterwards
  • Our shortcut system is now ordered into groups.
  • You can now save and share custom versions of your shortcuts.
  • Krita now has Photoshop and Painttool Sai compatible shortcuts included by default.
  • You can now switch the selection modifiers to use ctrl instead of alt. Useful if you are on Linux, or prefer ctrl to alt.
  • anti-aliasing edges on popup palette
  • simple color selector now has white on top and black on the bottom.
  • updated ICC profiles.
  • Added a Smudge_water preset to make smudging easier.
  • Added printing of the current FPS on canvas when the debugging is activated

2.9.9 (5th of November)

  • Improve performance by not updating the image when adding empty layers and masks.
  • Add a ctrl-m shortcut for calling up the Color Curves filter dialog. Patch by Raghavendra Kamath. Thanks!
  • Show a message when trying to use the freehand brush tool on a vector layer

2.9.8 (10th of october)

  • Improve performance when adding new layers. (A blank new layer doesn’t need to make Krita update

the entire image)

  • Add a Save Profile checkbox to the TIFF and JPG export filters: you can now save TIFF, JPG and PNG images without an embedded profile.
  • Fix saving PSD when the image has a non-transparent background. Krita has an option to change the default color of the image when all the layers are transparent (available in 'Image' menu). PSD doesn't have this feature so now Krita just creates an additional 'Background' layer if the image has non-default background color.
  • Layer Styles with noise speed improvement
    • Now the randomly generated noise is cached inside Krita, so recalculation of Layer Styles containing any noise effects became much faster.
    • Illustration by David Revoy (2nd of September)

  • Allow 'shift'-modifer after dragging an assistant handle to snap lines.
  • Add snap-single checkbox under assistant snapping.
  • Update brushes with optimised versions.(Basic_tip_default.kpp, Basic_tip_soft.kpp, Basic_wet.kpp, Block_basic.kpp, Block_bristles.kpp, Block_tilt.kpp, Ink_brush_25.kpp, Ink_gpen_10.kpp, Ink_gpen_25.kpp)
  • New widget for picking the color profile! Works best with RGB profiles, but improvements are coming.
  • [FEATURE] Make color picking with shortcuts work in Wrap Around mode
  • [FEATURE] Make Fill Tool work in Wraparound mode!
  • [FEATURE] Implement 'Scalable smoothness' feature for Stabilizer smoother
  • update tooltips for toolbox icons
  • Port away from using KIO in our filters
  • Right click to undo last path point.
  • BUG: 348626 Update tooltips to include keyboard shortcut.
  • Make the default size of the toolbox buttons dependent on screen resolution.
  • [FEATURE] Added ability to merge down Selection Masks
  • Improve loading of PSDs of any colour space big time. 16bit CMYK psd files can now be loaded.
  • [FEATURE] Implement loading for ZIP compressed PSD files
  • Right click on the toolbox to change the icon sizes
  • BUG:348742 Add three shortcuts to fill with opacity
  • BUG:336686 Make icon size of the toolbox configurable
  • New Icons!
  • XCF: load group layers from XCF files v3 or higher
  • Add Tangent Normal Brush Engine: and for more info.
  • Add mathematically robust normal map combination blending mode.
  • Slow down updates for randomized brushes.
  • added convert to shape for selections
  • Added Trim to Image Size action
  • Optimie dodge and burn filter.
  • [FEATURE] Multiple layers merge with layer styles on Ctrl+E. (1) "Merge selected layers" is now deprecated and you can use usual Ctrl+E to merge multiple selection 2) Mass-merging of layers with layer styles works correctly now 3) Merging of clone layers together with their sources will not break Krita now.)
  • Make color to alpha work with 16f channel depths
  • Add new shortcuts (Scale Image to new size = CTRL+ALT+I, Resize Canvas = CTRL+ALT+C, Create Group, Layer = CTRL+G, Merge Selected Layers = CTRL+ALT+E, Feather Selection = SHIFT+F6 )

2.9.6 (9th of July)

  • [FEATURE] Add possibility to continue a Crop Tool action
  • Speed up of color balance, desaturate, dodge, hsv adjustment, index color and posterize filters.
  • Activate Cut/Copy Sharp actions in the menu
  • Optimize per channel filter.
  • Implemented continuation of the transform with clicking on canvas
  • new default workspace
  • Add new shortcuts('\' opens the tool options, f5 opens the brush editor, f7 opens the preset selector.)
  • FEATURE: Show the tool options in a popup(toggle this on or off in the general preferences)
  • Add three new default shortcuts (Create group layer = Ctrl+G, Merge Selected layer = Ctrl+Alt+E, Scale image to new size = Alt+Ctrl+I )
  • Add an 'hide pop-up on mouseclick option' to advanced color selector.
  • [FEATURE] Make brush 'speed' sensor work
  • Allow preview for "Image Background Color and Transparency" dialog.
  • [FEATURE] Selection modifier patch is finally in! (shift=add, alt=subtract, shift+alt=intersect, ctrl=replace. Path tool doesn't work yet, and they can't be configured yet) (19th of June)

  • [FEATURE] Implemented a composite RGB curve for Curves filter
  • Adding a Fish Eye Vanishing Point assistant.
  • Added concentric ellipse assistant.
  • Have the colour selector pages' 'defaults' button only set the current page's defaults.
  • Added memory locating configuration to Krita, as well as putting the profiler option into the UI: (
  • Create a copy of a currently open image (filling wish 348256)
  • Add a one way pressure sensor(in the sensors) (filling wish 344753 )
  • Added a reporting functional for memory consumption in Krita

Fixed Bugs

3.0 BETA (22nd of April)

  1. BUG:349059 Fix invert filter for devices with alpha color spaces
  2. Fix channel order for rgb in float vs int for tangent tilt brush.
  3. CCBUG:361619 Add a workaround for Qt's event compression bug
  4. Added a concept of "safe" assert
  5. Fixes T2332, BUG:361883 Barrier-lock the image before start saving (needs testing!)
  6. Fix crash in tangent tilt brush engine.
  7. BUG:349484,345612, Ref T2085 Fix masks update problem.
  8. make the artistic text and shape handling toolbox icons theme-able
  9. Ref T2334 Make some default frame always present in a paint device
  10. BUG:361619 Fixes T2224 Fix a "bended lines"+AMD+Qt5.6 bug (!)
  11. T1244 Add correct file extension when creating new scheme
  12. BUG:348336 Fix a dangerous state when the root node gets selected
  13. BUG:356056 Fix D&D bugs related to really weird selection stuff in Qt
  14. CCBUG:356056 Change timeline selection only when the thing is dropped, not when still dragging somewhere outside
  15. BUG:356086 Fix painting onion skins in LoD mode
  16. BUG: 360595 Handle "Cancel" in shortcut schemes editor
  17. Fix crash with guides.
  18. CCBUG:361851 Add an assert for openGL 3.0 functions
  19. Compress mouse events as well
  20. Reimplement tablet event compression again
  21. BUG: 357497 Fix exporting from the command line
  22. BUG:359030 Add some missing gmic definitions. Multithreaded G'MIC now possible!
  23. Fix the tablet debugging debug areas.
  24. Fixes T1209 Be more careful: sometimes a key event arrives before the tool system is setup
  25. fix icons on configure toolbar window
  26. update the brightness/contrast filter to have a themed background
  27. use themed palette for level filter background
  28. update the grids display on the curves widget so they are a bit more subtle
  29. make the anchor points on the curve a bit easier to see by using a themed color
  30. have the curve widget use the application theme and make them easier to read
  31. make the background for the color adjustments layer use the application base palette like the other curve widgets
  32. add background to rulers so it is easier to see bounds
  33. make the "no color" X on the layer context menu theme-able and easier to see
  34. Ref T2217 Fix crash when canceling applying a filter
  35. BUG:361530 Fix creating a cloned in LoD mode
  36. BUG:361577 Fix Clone Brush.
  37. BUG:361721 Fix wrong values of Grid spacing when changing the spin box
  38. BUG:361728 Fix initialization of the default bounds object for filter and fill layers
  39. Fix all invalid accesses in stl-like iterators
  40. Fix a random crash while canceling strokes
  41. BUG:361682 Fix an assert in KisStroke::cancelStroke()
  42. Update links in About dialog in actually used text
  43. make it easier to tell if the portrait or landscape button is selected in the new document dialog
  44. make it easier to see what color label you have selected in the layer context menu
  45. Avoid memory leaks when using the mouse wheel
  46. BUG:343791 Fix scaling of the vanishing points in the 4-point transform tool
  47. BUG:351435 Don't double update the transformation mask when applying transform
  48. BUG:347755 Fix initial update of the transform mask when loading a file
  49. CCBUG:347755 Make transform mask return a change rect for the non-affine transoforms as well
  50. BUG: 361762 enable batch mode and fix the extension
  51. BUG:361736 Try to fix the layout of the color selector
  52. CCBUG:360541, 361736 Do not hardcode a max size for the image group
  53. BUG:361746 Add an error handler to the jpeg loader.
  54. BUG:361593 Actually save the custom shortcuts
  55. Only add upper-case extensions on Gnome
  56. BUG:361724 Wrong icon in Configure Krita
  57. add some diagonal arrows icons
  58. BUG:361596 Do not assume the F16 types are available.
  59. BUG:361635 Fix saving of blacklist files
  60. show all of the snap options in the view menu. move the two existing snap options inside of it
  61. BUG:357020,352724 Fix crash when switching transformation type in Transformation Masks
  62. BUG:350510,349821, Ref T2081 Fix transforming layers bigger than the image in size
  63. Avoid LOD to be disabled when a new view is opened
  64. BUG:361333 Fix the toolbar edit dialog
  65. Clang Static Analyser: KoStrokeConfigWidget: fix possible crash if the canvas is null
  66. Clang static analyser: Fix possible crash with an unhandled import button
  67. Clang static analyser: Remove duplicated checks and assignments
  68. Clang static analyser: KisColorSource: Removing ifs and adding a Q_ASSERT
  69. Clang static analyser: Fix a potential memory leak
  70. Clang static analyser: Fix potential crash due to an unsupported tiff colorspace
  71. Clang static analyser: Fix potential crash when not finding any color device
  72. Clang static analyser: Correct a logic error and possible crash
  73. Clang static analyser: Fix memory leak using correct delete call
  74. BUG:361495 Load backup files again
  75. Fix loading an image in Color Transfer Filter
  76. Fix a crash when closing a document without the image
  77. Make it possible to load translations
  78. A couple of fixes ported from kXMLgui
  79. Fix compilation on GCC 4.8
  80. Fix active layer selection after merging with Ctrl+E
  81. Find all the languages so the language chooser is shown
  82. Fix thread affinity of the nodes : fixes The progress bar shown on the layer doesn't get cleared

3.0 Alpha(6th of January)

  1. Fix Duplicate Layer feature for animated layers
  2. Fix crashes with cropped animations, the move tool and changed backgrounds.
  3. Fix loading of the animation playback properties
  4. Fix initialization of the offset of the frame when it is duplicated
  5. Fix crash when loading a file with Onion Skins activated
  6. Fix Wintab scaling to support QT_SCALE_FACTOR
  7. Fix of multiple window glitches thanks to QT5 port.


  • BUG:355110 Fix loading PSD files by PS after being edited by Krita
  • Enable openGL logging. Enable this option to find out the currently requested FPS for openGL updates.

It also tells the percentage of the glSync busy reports. If the value is zero then glSync doesn't work for some reason.

  • Added an option to disable vector instructions explicitly(May be needed for AMD CPUs which work with vector instructions really badly. )
  • Remember the profile last used when importing untagged 16 bit/channel png images
  • Krita - Make some file formats return KisImportExportFilter::UserCancelled when their options dialogs are cancelled, Patch by Nicholas LaPointe, thanks!
  • BUG:352918 (Probably) fix a crash caused by not detaching progress proxy on view removal
  • BUG:353043 Fix a crash in the update mechanism
  • BUG:355205 Fix a crash when switching subwindows after removing a layer
  • Use our own scaling method to create the preview
  • BUG:353505 Change value to start with white on top.
  • BUG:354975 Fixed a really weird crash when working with multiple documents
  • BUG:354907 Fix crash in artistic text tool selection.
  • BUG:353152 Fix uninitialized variables crash in the painting assistants
  • BUG:353638 Avoid race conditions in the destruction of KisBusyProgressIndicator
  • BUG:345562 Fix assert in the shortcut matcher system
  • BUG:354791 Load the alpha channel correctly
  • BUG:352018 Restore the window settings correctly after going canvas-only

2.9.9 (5th of november)

  • Fix typing in the artistic text tool. A regression in 2.9.8 made it impossible to type letters that were also used as

global shortcuts. This is now fixed.

  • Don’t crash when opening an ODG file created in inkscape. The files are not displayed correctly, though and we need to figure out what the issue is.
  • Fix the gaussian blur filter: another 2.9.8 regression where applying a gaussian blur filter would cause the right and bottom edge to become semi-transparent.
  • Fix calculating available memory on OSX. Thanks to René J.V. Bertin for the patch!
  • When duplicating layers, duplicate the channel flags so the new layers are alpha locked if the original layers were alpha locked.
  • Fix a number of hard to find crashes in the undo system and the compositions docker.
  • Another exiv2-related jpeg saving fix.
  • Add a new dark pass-through icon.

2.9.8 (10th of october)

  • Fix the pass-through icons so there’s dark and light variants and make some other icons smaller
  • BUG:353261: Make rotation terminology consistent in the rotate image and rotate layer plugin
  • BUG:353248: Prevent a crash when using some types of graphics tablets
  • BUG:352916: Fix a crash in the cage transform worker
  • Improve rendering speed when some layers are invisible
  • Fix a crash when using shape/vector layers
  • BUG:352734: Fix saving single-layer EXR files
  • BUG:352983: Load the layers in a multi-layer EXR file in the right order
  • BUG:352734: Support loading and saving EXR files that have both layers and top-level channels
  • BUG:310359: Fix loading and saving of L*a*b TIFF images
  • BUG:352845: Store the smoothing options only once (2nd of September)

  • BUG:352110 Make the maximum default toolbox button size 22px
  • Fix bundle and preset loading (1nd of September)

  • Re-add the toolbox docker to the toolbox menu
  • Fix the advanced color browser (1nd of September)

  • Don't crash when selecting a new colorspace (31st of August)

  • BUG: 351599 Fix abr brush loading
  • BUG:343615 Remember the toolbar visibility state
  • BUG:338839 Do not let the wheel zoom if there are modifiers pressed(Patch by [email protected]. Thanks!)
  • BUG:347500 Fix active layer activation mask
  • Remove misleading error message after saving fails
  • BUG 350289 : Prevent Krita from loading incomplete assistant.
  • BUG:350960 Add ctrl-shift-s as default shortcut for save as
  • fix Bristle brush presets
  • Fix use normal map checkbox in phongbumpmap filter UI.
  • Fix loading the system-set monitorprofile
  • Make cs-convert UI attempt to automatically determine when to uncheck optimise
  • CCBUG:351488 Do not share textures when that's not possible
  • Remove disabling of system profile checkbox
  • CCBUG:351488 Update the display profile when moving screens
  • Update the display profile after changing the settings
  • Fix crash due to calling a virtual method from c-tor of KisToolPaint
  • BUG:351664 Disable the layerbox if there's no open image
  • BUG:345285 Correctly install the xcf import plugin on Windows
  • Fix Fill with ... (Opacity) actions
  • BUG:351548 Make a transform tool work with Pass Through group layers
  • Fix parsing XML with MSVC 2012
  • Make all the lines of paintop options look the same
  • BUG:351560 Make sure a default KoColor is transparent
  • Lots of memory leak fixes (pointers that weren't deleted are now deleted)
  • BUG:351497 Blacklist "photoshop":DateCreated" when saving
  • Only add shortcuts for Krita...
  • Only ask for a profile for 16 bits png images, since there we assume linear by default, which is wrong for most png images.
  • Don't build the thumb creator on Windows or OSX
  • Revert "Revert "Use the KisColorTransformationConfiguration""
  • BUG:350498 Work around encoding issues in kzip
  • BUG:348099 Better error message in PNG export
  • Don't rename resources.
  • BUG:336693 Also change the color selector when selecting a vector layer
  • BUG:349554 Remove old compatibility code
  • BUG:349571 Disable the opacity setting for the shape brush
  • Initialize KoColor to black, as per apidox
  • CCBUG:351411 Add some explanation to the recovery dialog
  • BUG:321361 Load resources from subfolders
  • CCBUG:345619 Recreate a default bounds object on every KisMask::setImage() call
  • CCBUG:321361 Create subfolders for presets
  • BUG:349819 Fix a severe crash in Transformation Masks
  • BUG:349819 Add a barrier between sequentially undone commands with setIndex
  • Fixed API of KisPNGConverter to not acces the entire KisImage
  • BUG:351383 Check which color spaces PNG supports before passing the preview device to it
  • CCBUG:351298 Save CMYK JPEG's correctly
  • BUG:351298 Do not crash saving 16 bit CMYK to JPEG
  • BUG:351195 Fix slowdown when activating "Isolate Layer" mode
  • Fix loading of selection masks
  • BUG:337187 Accept events so oxygen doesn't get them
  • [FEATURE] Keep Selection Masks while merging layers
  • BUG:345560 Added optional flags to KisDocument::openUrl() and made "File Layer" not add its file to the recent files list.
  • BUG:351224 Fix crash when activating Passthrough mode for a group with transparency mask
  • BUG:347798 Don't truncate fractional brush sizes on eraser switch (Patch by Alexey Elnatanov. Thanks! )
  • BUG:351271 Fix layout of the color options page
  • Don't add new layers to the group if it is locked
  • Transform invisible layers if they are part of the group
  • BUG:345619 All Drag & Drop of masks
  • optimisize advanced color selector.
  • Select the right list item in the fill layer dialog
  • BUG:349871 Remove excessive qDebug statements.
  • BUG:349514 Remove the non-working fast grid settings
  • BUG:344490 Make the luma inputboxes aware of locale
  • BUG:348940 Don't crash if there isn't a pattern
  • BUG:350128 Fix location of colon in color management settings
  • BUG:351193 Don't hang when isolating a layer during a stroke
  • BUG:349621 Palette docker: Avoid showing a horizontal scrollbar
  • Stamp and Clipboard brush fixes
  • Sort the dockers alphabetically
  • BUG:349732 Add the toolbox to the docker menu
  • BUG:351185 Make it possible to R-select layers in a pass-through group
  • BUG:350298 Set a minimum width for the tool option popup
  • BUG:351164 Fix build on ARM
  • Fixing pattern png loading on bundles
  • Don't stop loading a bundle when a wrong manifest entry is found
  • BUG:349333 fix inherit alpha on fill layers
  • Fix to resource md5 generation
  • BUG:348981 Fix full-screen/canvas-only state confusion (Patch by Alexey Elnatanov, Thanks! )
  • BUG: 345195 Brush editor Stamp and Clipboard refactoring
  • BUG:351005 Don't crash on closing krita if the filter manager is open
  • Fix a memory leak in KisWeakSharedPtr
  • BUG:350803: Re-enable antialias for selection tools.
  • BUG:347285: Open the Krita Manual on F1 on all platforms
  • Update all the action icons when the theme is changed
  • BUG: 341899 Workaround for Surface Pro 3 Eraser
  • Fix an issue with mimetype detection
  • BUG:350588 Fix a crash when PSD file type is not magic-recognized by the system
  • BUG:350280 Fix a hangup when pressing 'v' and 'b' in the brush tool simultaneously
  • BUG:350280 Fix crash in the line tool.
  • BUG:350507 Fix crash when loading a transform mask with a non-affine transform
  • BUG:349479 Fixed Flatten Layer and Merge Down actions for layer with layer styles (14th of July)

  • BUG: 349770 fix .desktop validation, MimeTypes= key needs trailing ;
  • Check for absolute paths in the layer's filename
  • (g'mic) Fix viewport preview generation
  • Fix loading png brushes on CentOS
  • KRA: Check whether writing out data succeeds
  • BUG:350043 Don't crash when saving lab kra files (9th of July)

  • BUG 350031 Fix a bug in Transform Tool with applied a bogus transformation when continued.
  • BUG:347851 Use name filters instead of mimetypes(GMIC)
  • Fix linking of crashreporter on Windows
  • BUG:349988 Fix GMIC filters that are added by update definitions
  • Fix for slider not setting the value
  • BUG:344012 Fix trimming of canvas by fixing exactBounds().

2.9.6 (7th of July)

  • BUG:346932 Fix crash when saving a pattern to a *.kra
  • Make Group Layer return correct extent and exact bounds when in pass-through mode
  • Make fixes to pass-through mode.
  • Added an optional optimization to slider spin box
  • BUG:348599 Fix node activating on the wrong image
  • Fix a misprint in psd_pattern.cpp
  • BUG:349792 Fix deleting a color in the palette docker
  • BUG:349823 Fix scale to image size while adding a file layer
  • Fixed wrapping issue for all dial widgets in Layer Styles dialog
  • Fix calculuation of y-res
  • BUG:349598 Prevent a divide by zero
  • BUG:347800 Reset cursor when canvas is extended to avoid cursor getting stuck in "pointing hand" mode
  • BUG:348730 Fix tool options visibility by default
  • BUG:349446 Fix issue where changing theme doesn't update user config
  • BUG:348451 Fix internal brush name of LJF smoke.
  • BUG:349424 Set documents created from clipboard to modified
  • BUG:349451 Make more robust: check pointers before use
  • Use our own code to save the mergedimage for kra and ora (is faster)
  • BUG:313296 Fix Hairy brush not to paint black over transparent pixels in Soak Ink mode
  • Fix PVS warning in hairy brush
  • (gmic) Try to workaround the problem with busy cursor
  • BUG:348750 Don't limit the allowed dock areas
  • BUG:348795 Fix uninitialized m_maxPresets
  • BUG:349346 (gmic) If there is selection, do not synchronize image size
  • BUG:348887 Disable autoscroll for the fill-tool as well.
  • BUG:348914 Rename the fill layers (20th of June)

  • BUG:349026 Do not localize 'All' resource tag(this prevented resources showing up when localised)
  • BUG:348997 Don't crash when saving after saving failed (this would sometimes cause crashes on autosave)
  • BUG: 344968 Fix preset docker flickering and slowdown
  • BUG:349394 Disable autoscroll for the contiguous selection tool
  • Don't hangup when changing background color in the properties dialog
  • BUG:349374 Don't assert but warn when we don't have enough score values
  • Initialize current colorspace correctly in the Convert Color Space dialog
  • Fix Ctrl+ and Ctrl- standard zoom shortcuts in multiview mode
  • BUG:349292 Don't try to allocate an entire image worth of bytes in one go. (19th of June)

  • Only set the resolution using tiff tags if they exist, this caused issues with Krita saving JPEG files.
  • BUG:349078 Fix trimming an image under Filter Layers
  • BUG:324505,294122 Fix Adjustment layers composition
  • Bug 349185 Fix explicitly showing the cursor when the Stabilizer is active
  • Fix showing a floating message when switching MDI subwindows
  • BUG:348533 Fixed a bug when the tools became disabled after new document creation
  • BUG:331708,349108 Fix a crash when redoing actions
  • BUG:348737 Fix copy/pasto: fade isn't speed
  • BUG:345762 Mirror View now correctly remembers which subwindow is mirrored.
  • BUG:349058 Fixed bug where rulers were only visible on the canvas that was active when the option was first toggled. Fixed similar bugs with Mirror View and Wrap Around Mode.
  • BUG:331708 Fix a crash when trying to redo after canceling a stroke
  • Fixes an issue where some config files may not be picked up by the config system.
  • BUG:299555 Change cursor to "forbidden" when active layer is locked or can't be edited with the active tool.
  • BUG:345564 Don't warn about image file being invalid after user cancels "Background Image (overrides color)" dialog while configuring Krita
  • BUG: 348886:Don't scroll up the list while adding or removing resources to the bundle
  • fix default presets for bristle engine, restoring scale value to 1
  • fixed a small bug in wdglayerproperties.ui that made the color profile not show up properly in the layer properties dialog. Patch by Amadiro, thanks!
  • BUG: 348507 Fix issue with import PDF dialog resolution
  • BUG:347004 Filter preview button difficult to see state
  • BUG:345754 Fixes perspective assistant lockup
  • Remember current meta-data author.
  • BUG:348726 Be more careful when 'smart' merging metadata
  • BUG:348652 Correctly initialize the temporary swap file
  • Fix loading PSD files saved in OpenCanvas