Krita/Known problem with packages

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On this page you can find the list of problems that you may encounter with Krita and your distribution.

General issues

  • when I launch krita, it complains that "no colorspaces are installed". Please exit Krita, press alt+f2 then run "kbuildsycoca". If you are running Krita2 from trunk, please run kbuildsycoca4.

Fedora Core

  • Cannot open png/jpeg/tiff files? You need to install the package koffice-filters, note that krita supports more file formats, like xcf, but the filter which handles these formats is based on GraphicsMagick and isn't packaged in Fedora.


  • The 2007 version of Mandriva includes a beta version of krita! This is a development version and has a lot of bugs and crashes that we fixed in final release. The problem is solved in the 2007 Spring version.


  • SuSE configures the tablet pointing devices with the names mouse[X] to mouse[X + 3], which confuses Krita. Rename the devices to cursor, stylus and eraser in the xorg.conf file and disable the cursor device in Krita; enable the rest. Note that the last point only works with a 1.6 branch version of Krita you compiled yourself: the version SuSE packages is way too old, even in openSUSE 10.3.

Also note that for any Qt4 tablet-enabled application you need to do the same: Qt4.5 and earlier want "eraser" and "stylus": other names do not work. (fixed in [1] and [2])

Also note that for OpenSUSE 10.3, it may be necessary to run

setserial /dev/ttyS0 port 0x0200 irq 5 autoconfig

before starting X11, for instance by adding it to /etc/init.d/boot.local if you use a tablet pc like the Lenovo Thinkpad X61t instead of an usb graphire, bamboo or intuos tablet.


  • 9.04 configures the tablet pointing devices with non-standard naming, this makes it impossible to use it in Krita, you can see more information in [3] and [4] to be recognized by Qt4.5 and earlier, the name needs to be "stylus", "eraser" and "pointer" (Reported as [5], more information in [6] and a solution in [7]).

General Tablet Woes

In Krita 1.x, the tablet system can get confused sometimes. We have fixed that for Krita 2.0x

We only have tested with Wacom tablets -- we don't have other brands around. Generally speaking, if Qt4 supports your tablet, Krita will support it, if not, not.

You will find more information about tablet support in the harware support section.