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This page should contain interesting tasks that people might want to get started with. If you are familiar with the code and an idea that crosses your mind which you think might be fun or interesting to code, you can drop it here.

These don't necessarily have to be junior jobs, but can include any high level ideas that a motivated newcomer might tackle.

Wishlist items from

Ideas from developers

Scanner plugin


Krita supports 8 and 16 bit/channel images. All KDE scanning libraries are limited to 8 bit/channel QImages. So in order to implement this wish, we need to create a plugin that speaks to SANE directly. This is a bit challenging, but a very rewarding self-contained task.

Line tool visualization

The line tool in Krita is not slow, but it has a poor visual feedback. Here is a proposal for a new UI for the line tool. We have a super quick little one-pixel line as a preview as you move your cursor around, no lag at all. Then only if you hold your cursor in place for a second, you will see a line appear. It disappears as soon as you move your cursor. Then the "line tool is laggy, weh" complaint is gone, nobody ever sees a line, because everything you see on screen is up to date. It just switches quickly back to a one-pixel preview as soon as you move your mouse.