Krita/Dynamic PaintOp

The Dynamic PaintOp is a painting operation that give the user to control on how the various parameters are affected depending on the user input.


In this section I will explain a few notions related to the dynamic paintop.


It defines what is paint on the device. For instance a potatoe stamp or a more sophisticated bristle shape.


It defines the color which are paint on the device:

  • plain color
  • gradients
  • patterns
  • cloning
  • random
  • ...


It affects the parameters of either the shape or the coloring.

Common filters

  • rotation
  • resizing

Coloring filters

  • darkening
  • filters

Shape filters

  • scattering (control by spreading and count)


A sensor is an user input, it's a value that is used to affect the parameters of filters.

The list of availale sensors with mouse and tablet is the following:

  • orientation
  • speed
  • time

The list of available sensors with the tablet (not all of them are accessible with different model) is:

  • pressure
  • X-Tilt
  • Y-Tilt


It's usually a list of filters.


Brush contains a shape, a coloring, and two program (one for the shape and one for the coloring).


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