Krita/Dmitry sponsored work TODO list

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Status Description Notes
DONE Bounded pooler implementation
TO DO Move the stress tests to a separate folder. Make them run on cruncher1 regularily <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Optimize mask generation code with some complex maths <{{{3}}}>
TO DO ROI for the scheduler <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Multithreading subsystem for tools <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Remove mutexes from KisTile. Try to avoid all the writes to the shared memory areas to reduce contestion <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Fix KisWeakSharedPointer to return null, instead of wrong pointer in Release mode needs discussion <{{{3}}}>
TO DO New API for paintops to be able to save some data between stokes <{{{3}}}>
DONE Avoid creation of big QImages
DONE bug 266687 in selections branch
DONE bug 265528
DONE clean up KisLayerBox
DONE KisSelection refactoring in selections branch
DONE KisSelectionManager clean up and fixes in selections branch, needs review