Krita/Comic Book Studio

Comic Book Studio

All about how Krita can be turned into the perfect Comic Book Studio.


  • scenario
    • background writting (about characters, places, history)
    • story writting
  • concept art
  • storyboard
  • drawing
    • "split panels"
    • drawing outlines (inking)
    • coloring
  • assembling the "splited panels"
  • translation


Manga Studio

Page creation:


TBO is an application aiming at making easy to create quick comics (a bit like comic life [3] which used to be bundled with Mac OS), it works by using vector objects you drag on the canvas and maybe edit a bit and then put some text on it.

[1] (english translation [2]) [3] [4]


celtx it is a "free" (not open source) software to create preproduction material for movies. It has an interface close to what I was thinking for CBS.


Plotbot is limited to screen writting but offers collaborative editing support.

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