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Kexi 2.4 Beta 1 release is within Calligra 2.4 Beta 6

See also Kexi 2.4 release, Kexi 2.3 release, Calligra 2.4 Release Plan, Calligra 2.4 Feature Plan, Kexi TODOs.

List of changes


  • Remove memory leak in code opening project
  • Fix crash when loading kexi part information without main window

Main window

  • Add Calligra branding to the Kexi Menu
    • Clicking on the logo opens the web site
  • Make menu and logo look OK for black color schemes
  • Simple User Feedback Agent introduced
    • User's locale, Kexi/Calligra version, KDE version is logged anonymously to server
    • enabled only in beta 6, will be disabled by default since beta 7, and users will be asked user for enabling, user will see what is sent
  • Show/Hide Design tabs in menu when switching to Form or Report designer; the tabs are no longer displayed on fresh start

Table View

  • Make Kexi obey color scheme selection for KDE
    • Table view color support improved for dark schemes
    • Bug #279694


  • Do not create inline editing command when inserting, this fixes possible crash in undo/redo
  • Fixed bug: Image box does not store image pasted to it in design time
  • Fixed bug: Changing Horizontal Alignment in image box has no effect unless user resizes it or reopens the form
  • Fixed bug: Invalid image geometry within the Image Box form widget when frame properties change

Import & Export

  • CSV Import: Fixed bug: import to table in Kexi ignores "Ignore multiple delimiters" setting
  • CSV Import: Fixed bug: ignore any trailing delimiters if "Ignore multiple delimiters" option is on, so empty extra column is not added
  • CSV Import: Ask for opening the imported table

Database support

  • Avoid 'invalid read' in code for inserting records into tables
  • Query SQL generated in the Query Designer should be of KEXISQL type

Database drivers

Missing or discontinued features in 2.4

No new features have been identified.

See Missing or discontinued features in 2.3 for reference.