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Kexi 2.4 Alpha 4 will be released within Calligra Snapshot 4

See also Kexi 2.4 release, Kexi 2.3 release, Calligra 2.4 Release Plan, Calligra 2.4 Feature Plan, Kexi TODOs.

List of changes


  • Disable "Save Record Changes" action when user cancels editing or reverts edited text to the original value. "Cancel Record Changes" action is not disabled though, so user is still able to exit from record editing mode.
  • Ask for confirmation when going to Design View and have pending record changes in Data View of table or form
  • Replaced term "row" with "record" in visible places

Missing or discontinued features in 2.4

None identified.

See Missing or discontinued features in 2.3 for reference.

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